College of William and Mary Zoie Chen class of 2016

Wren Building

The Sir Christopher Wren Building at the College of William & Mary in Virginia is the oldest college building still in use in the United States. The Wren Building was constructed between 1695 and 1700, before Williamsburg was founded, when the capital of the colony of Virginia was still located at Jamestown. Along with The Brafferton and The President's House, the Wren Building is the soul of the College's colonial campus.

Crim Dell Bridge

One tradition includes William & Mary’s own version of a triathlon (aptly called "The Triathlon"). It is a set of three tasks to be completed by each student prior to graduation. These include jumping the wall of the Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg after hours, streaking through the Sunken Garden, and swimming in Crim Dell. The three tasks of the Triathlon do not need to be completed at the same time. However, some students choose to complete all tasks in immediate succession, all while completely undressed. This feat is referred to as "The Ironman Triathlon."

Governor's Palace
Sunken Garden
Crim Dell Bridge

Freshman Year 2012-2013

DuPont Hall

Pi Beta Phi

Sophomore 2013-2014

Bryan Hall
Field Hockey MVP
Zoie vs. Michael Bolton

Junior Year 2014-2015

University of St. Andrews

Founded in the fifteenth century, St Andrews is Scotland's first university and the third oldest in the English speaking world. Teaching began in the community of St Andrews in 1410 and the University was formally constituted by the issue of a papal bull in 1413.

Senior Year 2015-2016

Graduation May 2016

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David Lezinsky

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