Lucky Tea Cafe Small town cafe expands

by Paige Horist and Ava Monasmith

Lucky Tea Cafe was looking for a new place to separate their sushi restaurant from there tea shop. The owner Rose had many ideas for new teas but no room to make it happen. The expansion led to a larger variety of new loose leave teas.

Photos by Ava Monasmith

With only one shop, they had very little space to explore different things, such as, ice cream, loose leaf teas and a gift shop.

"With more space, I am able to add a bigger variety of loose leaf teas and a gift shop," Rose said. "I love loose teas, I used to only be able to have a few kinds. Now that we have expanded, I can focus more on my teas. I have more options and a bigger menu."

Photo by Ava Monasmith

Lucky Tea's new location is the only secluded tea shop in Grand Haven that sells custom loose leaf teas.

"We don't have any companies competing in Grand Haven," Rose said. "I'm the only one doing it here so that's unique in itself. We have drawn a lot of new customers here because they know we sell specialty loose leaf tea."

Photo by Ava Monasmith

In the last year Lucky Tea has grown immensely. They were receiving more business and with that came a need for more space.

"Before, we were combined with sushi and tea," Rose said. "My business kept growing and I wanted to separate the tea shop from the sushi restaurant."

Photos by Ava Monasmith
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Paige Horist


Ava Monasmith