From Fried to Fresh Stuart Fenton, Stevensville

Growing up in Alabama meant Stuart Fenton was blessed with warm summer nights and old fashioned southern comfort food.

Now at 52-years-old and living in Stevensville with his wife, Stuart’s eating habits hadn’t changed. Over the years Stuart’s weight continued to increase resulting in high blood pressure, diabetes, and a diagnosis of morbidly obese. At only 5’4”, Stuart weighed 265 pounds at his heaviest, with a BMI of 45.5.

Stuart with his wife. (before surgery)
Over the years I had tried every diet,” said Stuart. “Diets are great for getting you into a nice outfit for an event, but it’s all short term. I needed a permanent lifestyle change.”

Not being able to get on the floor and play with his five-year-old grandson is what ultimately pushed Stuart to speak with his primary care physician, James Kroeze, DO, about his weight issues. Dr. Kroeze referred him to the Lakeland Weight Loss Center to learn more about his options.

Stuart attended a weight loss seminar and decided to make an appointment to learn more. He spoke with bariatric surgeon Jill Gorsuch, DO, MPH, and together they decided a vertical sleeve gastrectomy would be the best fit.

Stuart had his surgery in August of 2017 and since then has seen amazing results.

To date he has lost a total of 105 pounds and has gone from a size 42 pant, to a 30. He is officially off all medications and is no longer feeling the aches and pains in his joints due to his excess weight.

“They changed my life, but more importantly they probably saved my life.”

To learn more about Stuart and his weight loss journey, read his full story below.

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