Locations Some spots I like to shoot...

MacKerricher offers quite a variety of backdrops, and is a great choice for either a sunrise or sunset session. The drawback to this location is the lack of shade, and pretty intense light, so its not a great option for sessions earlier in the day.
What I love about Pudding Creek is of course the bridge, but also the fact that we can use the trees above the beach, the rocks and the sand to grab some different looks.
Ward Avenue is a gorgeous spot! The sand is a bit darker here, and there are tons of rocks that make the landscape quite beautiful. There is also a nice section of beach grass that I just love!
Seaside is a great spot for open stretches of sandy shoreline. There are plenty of large and beautiful rocks and lots of large groups of driftwood back against the rocky cliffs.
Russian Gulch is another spot with a large variety of locations. This spot has a small beach area, but also lots of wooded areas as well as some wooden bridges that I love to use. There is also a beautiful view of the arched bridge from the picnic area that I like to include when I shoot there.
If you like rustic, old barns and wide open fields of tall grass this is your location!
The space behind my home drops off into a canyon and a large curtain of trees lines the back of our yard. April through September the sun sets behind the trees and there is an amazingly beautiful golden glow when that happens! There is also a cute little shack next to our yard that serves as a cute, rustic backdrop.

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