Value, Emphasis, and Unity

My artwork is two bunches of purple grapes on a yellow ombre background. The grapes are the emphasis because they are the main focus and my unity is the yellow background that contrasts the purple. The value is in the grapes that I shaded to make the light reflect them. I used yellow watercolor for the background and made the color lighter as I went down the paper to give it a faded effect. I used purple acrylic paint and some black ( to make the purple darker ) for the grapes. I used green watercolor for the stem of the grapes to connect them. I used white watercolor to shade them. I did this piece because I wanted to make the grapes look realistic. I think the white paint that I used made the grapes look 10x better. I wanted the value, emphasis, and unity to be obvious. My goals for this artwork was to make myself satisfied with it and I think I accomplished it. Overall I am proud of myself for painting this because I usually draw and paint things that are fiction.

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