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Welcome Fall

It is common knowledge that stressed vines make the best wines. They reprioritize their energy and intention to create the very best resulting outcome. With a pandemic, extreme heat, major fires and the ensuing smoke, I am thinking we are more like grapes then we ever knew. With the continuing challenges throughout our world comes the opportunity to realize our best selves. We see it every day from all Founder’s Club friends and family. The support, friendship and kindness we receive each and every day at 32 Winds sustains the wind in our sails!

We are so grateful for you.

Looking forward to a season full of hope, health and lots of laughter!

Me & My Dad

Dad and I would like to thank all of you for being a member of the 32 Winds family, whether you are in our wine club or just a fan. We love making the wine that can be on your table at times of being with your family: We love the idea that a glass of our handcrafted wine can be that conduit of sharing a deep conversation, celebrating a special occasion, or just a quiet evening at home. We’ll be here for you.

We wish you health and happiness in the days to come.

Ed Mascarin & Mia Mascarin

Founders Club

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Winemaker Update

What has the 2020 harvest been like? What has the effect of fires/smoke been on our grapes?

The 2020 harvest has been challenging. First let me note that there are some exceptional wines that were made in 2020. Exceptional! Yet for so many of us, the amount of effort and psychological “wear & tear” it took to make the wines was significantly more than most years. I tell people over and over that this is the least amount of fruit I have crushed in many years, and yet it has been the most exhausting harvest of my life.

What characteristics can we expect in the wine coming from this most recent harvest?

The wines we did make (Rosé of Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir & Chardonnay) are all stunning. We were lucky to have vineyards that were harvested just prior to or at the onset of the fires and that avoided any smoke taint. I would venture to say that all 3 have the potential of being the best or rivaling the best we have ever made to date.

Tell us about the 2018 wines that are being released in this club shipment.

2018 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir: This is the first vintage we made all of the Pinot Noir with 100% Whole Cluster. When possible, and in California this is more often than not, it is my ideal to ferment with whole cluster. The stems help balance the dynamics of fermentation and they add layers of complexity to the aromatics and structure. An exceptional vintage that is an incredible balance between structure and elegance.

2018 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay: Another great wine from a fabulous vintage. Fermented in concrete eggs and aged in large French oak barrels. A great blend of two vineyards in the Sonoma Coast. One which lends more acidity and lemon zest, and another which layers in texture and more lemon curd and baking spices. Delicious.

And later this year, we will be releasing 2 wines from the Platt Vineyard. The 2018 Platt Chardonnay & Pinot Noir. Grapes grown on the West Sonoma Coast tug at my heartstrings for sure. This is an area where I spent my childhood. The Platt vineyard is an exceptional site in that it is out in the extreme elements near the Pacific, constantly being hit by the cool fog or blistering winds and yet this an area that will provide a depth of aromatics and tension and structure and wines of longevity. These wines will be exceptional for years and years to come. Enjoy!

Recent Wine Scores

We are proud to be part of West Sonoma Coast Vintners and honored to be included in this. Thank you to Jeb Dunnuck for the reviews of our 2018 Chardonnay’s and Pinot Noir’s! All of this made possible by our talented winemaker, Matt Taylor!

Introducing Platt Vineyard

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural release of our 2018 Platt Vineyard Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The highly revered Platt Vineyard is a cool climate site located just 5 miles from the Pacific Ocean with elevations ranging from 400-800ft in the far western portion of the Sonoma Coast appellation. The slopes are situated in the landscape to welcome the cool marine breezes inward through the valley. Perfect for producing the fruit forward well-balanced wines we love to craft.

Join Us Next Summer in France

Join Mia Mascarin-Oven and Wine down the Rhône River with 32 Winds!

We are thrilled to announce that 32 Winds is going on the road (or water, rather). That's right -- join Mia Mascarin along with four other Dry Creek Valley wineries on a wine cruise through the heart of France's esteemed Rhône Valley!

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Adopt-A-Vine Update

Through our Adopt-a-Vine program, many of you have already “adopted” one or more of the young vines planted at our main vineyard, and we are pleased to share with you that they have been successfully grafted by Matt and his team last spring with Loire varietals, including Chenin Blanc, Pineau d’aunis, Gamay, and Grolleau, along with some Pinot Noir as well. Your vines are growing up beautifully, turning into respectable adolescents and think of you often. ❤

You may have heard about our plan to develop a vineyard in the West Sonoma coastal area. This new vineyard is a collaboration between Matt Taylor & Ed Mascarin towards a goal of creating a place to grow coveted varietels from the Loire Valley. In 2019, we planted rootstock at the vineyard next to our tasting room. This became our “mother block” and it will be the source of budwood to be used at our Coastal vineyard.

Matt (along with Sherry & Mia) has made several visits to his friends in this French region to compare climates and share farming techniques in assuring that these varietals will thrive in the very comparable coastal region of Sonoma County. We could not be more excited to eventually take the propagated cuttings to our new vineyard once the land is prepared. Right now it is undergoing soil development and enrichment, with the help of our biodynamic expert Matias Baker, which will take a couple of years. We will continue to keep you posted on the progress. Meanwhile, back at the mother block, we continue to nurture the young vines you have adopted.

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2020 At a Glance

French Immersion

Team goes to Loire Valley for some R & D

This year we took ourselves and our wines across the big pond for a little French immersion. We shared ideas on growing philosophies and techniques, making friends along the way. We brought home not only memories but a whole new appreciation for organic farming & winemaking techniques that we will carry forward especially for our new vineyard development in western Sonoma County.

Harvest 2020

Luckily, we harvested the day before the fires struck Sonoma County on August 17. We were fortunate to be able to harvest all of our Pinot Noir and some of our Chardonnay. Note the clear early morning skies that day. We are so grateful to the team of pickers that hand harvested and delivered an incredible batch of fruit to the winery. You are going to love it! At least something good will come out of 2020.

Life at 1010

Life goes on at our tasting room – outdoor tasting remains our tradition so social distancing is natural for 32 Winds. The sun still shines, the clear creek water still beckons, the wine still pours. We look forward to you visiting soon.

Thank you to all the firefighters and first responders!

We miss seeing you! Enjoy a safe and beautiful respite when making a reservation for a tasting with us.

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