Alice in Wonderland PLAces

The tunnel is very long and deep; there are many shelves, wardrobes and geographic maps on its sides and also some pictures. The tunnel is the first strange place that Alice finds, while she was following the White Rabbit. She falls in it and she starts her adventure from there.
The rabbit's house is a normal white house, it has two floors and in the upper one there is a small room with a large window and a table. Over the table there is a little bottle with some liquid in it that Alice drinks and then she grows up until she fills the house with her body.
The wood is very thick and dark, there are some flowers, big expanses of lawn and a big mushroom where Alice meets the Caterpillar. After she goes away from the rabbit's house, she finds herself in the wood. While she's walking through the trees, she sees a bizarre creature, the Caterpillar, who's smoking a pipe on a big mushroom.
The queen's castle is a huge white building where the Queen of Hearts lives with the King and their soldiers. Nearby, there is a large garden where the queen plays croquet. Here Alice meets three soldiers who are painting some roses red because they have planted them white and the queen does not like them, she prefers red ones.
The meadow of talking flowers is very large and full of roses, daisies, tulips and many other kinds of flowers that seem normal at first sight, but they aren't because they can speak. Alice arrives here following the White Rabbit but she falls behind when she hears some voices.
Made by Luca Catalano & Francesco Monaco Sitography:'s_Adventures_in_Wonderland;;

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