Hammerhead Shark By: harley daeke

The speed of the Hammerhead Shark is 25 miles per hour.
The hammerhead has the smallest mouth of any shark species, and this shark is primarily a bottom feeder. He uses his wide head to pin stingrays to the ocean floor before feeding on them.
A hammerhead shark has plenty of sensory organs in their head so they can feel vibrations and movements of their prey when they don't see them.Hammerhead sharks also use their wide heads to attack stingrays,pinning the winged fish against the sea floor.
The hammerhead shark is found worldwide in tropical and warm coastal waters and near continental shelves.
Most Hammerhead Sharks eat fish, squid, octopus, crustaceans, and other sharks.
Hammerhead sharks have a 360 degree view, that is, they can see above and below them at the same time, which helps them to find food.
The male shark has a body part called claspers. These claspers are basically an extension of their pelvic fins.
As a female shark reaches maturity, it is able to produce certain hormonal chemicals to attract a mate.
The average life span of the Hammerhead Shark is 20 to 30 years.
The average length of the Hammerhead Shark is 20 feet long.


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