Black-out pep rally glows for Senior Night Amanda Hare, Michael Ramirez

At the last pep rally of the year, students and parents filled the arena in the annual black-out pep rally Friday, Oct. 29. The pep rally featured performances from the band, colorguard, cheer team, drill team and Student Council. After the pep rally, the varsity football team played their last home game that night against Allen High School.

As a student competed in the limbo competition, junior Landon Bownds and Edgy the Eagle yell. Bownds is a spirit leader. "Black-out is by far my favorite pep rally," junior and spirit leader Landon Bownds said. "There is so much more prep and equipment that goes into it than the others, and that simply makes it better." (Photo by Amanda Hare)
Looking at her teammate, sophomore Reagan Nowak holds her arms out as the Talonettes measure their spacing before they dance. Nowak holds the position of Sophomore Lieutenant on the team. She also dances on the Talonettes elite team. (Photo by Amanda Hare)
Before performing, senior Talonette Paige Hursman looks to the side. Hursman has been on the team for four years. "I am definitely going to miss pep rallies now that they are over," Hursman said. "I love being able to get the student body together and hyped up before games because it brings another level of energy, and it's so fun." (Photo by Michael Ramirez)
Arms thrown up, sophomore Mackenzie Hogan performs with the cheer team. Hogan is a member of the varsity cheer team and also cheers competitively. The varsity cheerleaders can also be seen at varsity football games. (Photo by Amanda Hare)
Huddled together, the varsity cheer team sways to the song "We Reign." The black-out pep rally occurs every year. "Black-out is definitely my favorite type of pep rally," senior Talonette Paige Hursman said. "The lights are so cool, and it just makes everything 10 times better." (Photo by Amanda Hare)

Taunting the other side, Talonettes director Ashley Sharp dances. Sharp participated in Student Council's dance-off. This is Sharp's first year as director. (Photos by Amanda Hare)

Arms raised, junior Ava Anderson cheers at the black-out pep rally. Anderson participates in the varsity cheerleading team. The cheerleaders performed a routine at the pep rally on Friday, Oct. 29. (Photo by Amanda Hare)

Arms up, senior Paula Noriega yells. Noriega is a spirit leader. The spirit leaders rally school spirit at every pep rally and varsity football game. (Photo by Amanda Hare)

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Arms raised, junior and spirit leader Landon Bownds shouts at the pep rally. As a spirit leader, Bownds also attends varsity football games to rally school spirit. "I love being a spirit leader because of all the hype moments, like black-out pep rally or rushing the field after beating Allen," Bownds said. "I feel like we as a PHS student body have gotten a little more school pride this year, so to see that is honestly my favorite part of it." (Right photo by Amanda Hare, Photos 1 and 3 by Amanda Hare, Photo 2 by Michael Ramirez)

Giving a thumbs down, Edgy the Eagle taunts opponents. Edgy participated in Student Council's dance-off. The dance-off included Edgy, students and staff members. (Photo by Amanda Hare)
At the pep rally, the cheerleaders perform for the crowd. They used purple pom poms to honor senior varsity cheerleader Makayla Noble who suffered a neck injury in September. Noble is currently in rehab. (Photos by Amanda Hare) (Photo 1: sophomore Jenna Wyatt - Photo 3: junior Kylie Pizzurro - 4: junior Ava Anderson)
After the pep rally, seniors Talonettes Londyn Ogletree and Paige Hursman hug. Ogletree has been on the team for three years, and Hursman has been on the team for four. "My favorite part about pep rallies are when the students all stand and cheer," Hursman said. "It gives me the motivation to go and perform, and it makes the atmosphere so much more lively." (Photo by Amanda Hare)