Flash floods by peyton is awesome

what is a flood

Floods happen when a large amount of waters move in to places it usually doesn't cover. They can also kill people. When a flood happens where people live the water can carry cars, houses, buildings, farms, They can wipe a town AWAY!!!!


weather men use a tool called Doppler radar to predict a flood. Also heavy rain or melting snow can cause flooding. Floods can happen when a dam or dike break.

how long does it last

Flash floods can go on to weeks or months!! at a time.

where do floods happen

Floods can happen anywhere on earth.Lowlands by rivers can coastal are two places it will flood the most.It will flood anywhere rain fall comes.

Interesting facts

  • people use sandbags to prepare for floods
  • flash floods can be up to 10 to 20 feet tall
  • some¬†flash floods come so fast you cant see it coming
  • tsunamis are ocean floods


tsunamis : a ocean flood


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