Evolution of Black Life THROUGH food, MUSIC, and social issues

Music is the sound of pain or joy. Through that sound we connect our soul and mind to the words and the beat eventually connecting our bodies which allows us to dance.

However black music is always changing. We went from slave or work songs that sang about our freedom or helped us escape to songs about love and heart break and civil issues with race.

Music was an escape for us and our sensuality and poetry lyrics have made our soulfulness highly celebrated.

As we know blacks have been oppressed for as long as we can remember. We have even enslaved ourselves for money! But, does this still affect our society.

In our society today black men, women, and children have been subjected to hate crimes and unarmed death by white officers. It is scary to think that you can get shot for walking home, complying with officers, selling cds, or letting someone know you have asthma. People see black and are afraid because we don't dress alike or sound the same or wear our hair like other people. We are different and we are being persecuted for it.

Please don't give 'em a reason To spill blood on my sneakers. So I just put my hand up Then they put me in handcuffs. They just scared 'cause they don't understand us Try to beat us down when we try to stand up.


Soul food is the heart of every African American home. We gather on Sunday afternoon church and eat together.

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