Father Bobby Krueger Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Bobby Krueger (Archdiocese of Chicago '12), St. Leonard, Berwyn, IL

Submitted by: Kathy Rokosz

That’s our pastor there in the black hoodie and knit hat. Early in the pandemic, Father Bobby walked down every block in the parish with the Blessed Sacrament — TWICE. When we couldn’t get to Mass, He brought Jesus to us — even in the snow and rain. He celebrated Mass in those early weeks from the rectory chapel — and was quick to live-stream. In response to a perceived need, he moved the Mass to the “big church” and to 5:15 in the evening. Even as our churches re-opened, he continued celebrating Mass at 5:15 and continued daily live-streaming on YouTube.

During this time of fear and uncertainty, Father Bobby has been my North Star. He has given me direction and purpose. He has reminded me, more than once, that “God’s got this.” We have no reason to fear when God is always at our side. During much of the pandemic, we had two minor seminarians living in the rectory. From shared conversations, I learned what a positive experience it was for Sal and Pepe. To say they relished the time at St. Leonard is a vast understatement.

Without a doubt, Father Bobby has been the the essence of service to his parishioners — more than his parishioners— to the people of Berwyn. He visited countless people at MacNeal Hospital at no small danger to himself. Father Bobby engages people wherever he goes. He brings God’s love, care, compassion, faithfulness and grace to so many people. He unreservedly deserves the Catholic Humanitarian Award.

Father Bobby is a good man, a holy man, a priest who inspires me every single day. Thank you for the opportunity to express my love and appreciation.