Community Assessment By Ashley Cephas

Truckee's Community Core

Demographics: Town of Truckee, California

Truckee is a flourishing small town that attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world.

"Truckee Love" is the common saying around town. This simple yet powerful statement embodies the value of Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Truckee's Subsystems

Physical Environment

The photos attached in the glide show depict the change of Truckee's weather from August to January.

August at North Lake Tahoe- Located on the California side of this massive lake.

September- October Truckee experenced tremendous downpours of rain and occasional hail showers clear through October

November, the white stuff arrived: Snow!, and lots of it.

North Lake Tahoe in the wintertime. Chilly temperatures and an amazing view of this massive semi-froze lake.

Health and Social Services

There is evidence of social and health services available; in town there is one hospital, Tahoe Forest Hospital. TFH provides the town with quality inpatient and emergency services.

Recently, the hospital received grants to develop and build a cancer center to help facilitate and treat those patients who reside in Truckee that are diagnosed cancer.

The clinic that I work in, is a double specialty clinic with emphasis on family practice and urgent care. Truckee Tahoe medical group was provided healthcare services the town's residents since 1959.

Truckee Tahoe Medical Group Company Logo
Example of Truckee's Taxes
Transportation and Safety
The Town of Truckee's Police Department
California Highway Patrol

Politics and Government: There is a political government presence in the town of Truckee we have a mayor, vice mayor and town representatives. There are monthly meetings available to residents who would like to voice opinions on concerns that occur in the town.


Elementary school

Glenshire Elementary

Truckee Elementary

Middle School

Alder Creek middle school

High School

Truckee High School

2-year junior college

Sierra College

Recreation and Entertainment

Created By
Ashley Cephas


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