My Demigod By: Robert

His name is Ace Malcolm.

His dad is Zeus and mom is Olivia Malcolm.

Eye color is stormy gray.

Hair is dark brown.

He can fly and can throw things at fast speeds.

He has dyslexia and can't read. He went to Heights Middle School. Ace has been kicked out of many different schools. His favorite class is Latin because that is the one thing he understands. He didn't know why he understood this so much or how he could read Greek but he didn't care because everyone in his school liked him. He was the schools starting quarterback. His best friend is his wide receiver who also understands Greek and can read it too. His name is Jax. They went everywhere together. One day they met a student that had got kicked out of his last school. He was a running back. Small, bulky, and fast. His name is Zeke. He is always late for school. He says hes late because he has to walk to school. But he is seen walking around school before school starts. This makes Ace wonder what hes doing. So one day he goes outside and follows him. After Zeke is done walking around the school he uses his phone to call someone. He says, "Their are no monsters here yet, you might wanna get here soon to help me extract Ace and Jax." He shuts the phone and turns around to see Ace standing their. He asks how much he heard. Ace said he'd been following him all morning and asked what he meant about extract. Zeke said that Him and Jax weren't normal people. They were demigods. And after school their was a guy after school in a big white van. Zeke got in and motioned for Ace and Jax to get in after him. Ace said, "Are you sure you trust this guy?" Zeke looked at the driver and said, "With my life." Ace said ok and they both got in the van. They face some monsters and get to Camp half-blood.

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