Says Kyla leblanc

She was a fashionable girl says the small dress

laying on the bed with a shiny gold necklace above it .

She's festive says the tree in the family room

glittering and sparkling like a star in the in the sky

The water bottles beside each other says

that she likes to stay hydrated

She love music says the tangled

earbuds strewn across the rug

The voice of many pens scattered around the floor

shows that she loves to write .

She loves surfing the web says the iPad

carefully placed on the green rugs

She takes her school work seriously ,

Says the worksheets laying on the countertop

She's achieved great things says

the medals hanging over her bed

Her life was full of stories says the countless

memories hanging upon the fridge

The photo on the wall says how she

share memories with her sister

She gives her love to God says

The Certificate of Baptism on the wall


Created with images by Alexas_Fotos - "not hear not see do not speak"

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