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Hello I am Giovanni Jody Pirrone and I am an Adobe Certified Expert in Premiere Pro CC and I like to take any opportunity to expand and refresh my knowledge about Premiere Pro, so I though this would be a nice opportunity to do so. This is also giving me the chance to explore Adobe Spark.

I was not aware of this new platform and I have to say that the more I use it the more I believe it to be a valid tool for the publishing of online material and if you don't know it yet, it is definitely worth spending a minute or two to have a look at it and play with its tools at spark.adobe.com. I found it very intuitive, quite powerful, with plenty of templates for the social media era and it is also free to use (you also have the possibility to upgrade if you need a higher level of customization for your projects i.e. add your own logo, select colours and fonts etc).

Back to our course now! On week one the aim was to create a rough cut of an ad. We had the possibility to use assets provided by out tutor Diana or use our own. I opted for the latter option as I have lots of footage that I have not used yet. I decided to use some footage I recorded couple of years ago in the south of England, specifically the stunning Jurassic Coast in Dorset. So after quickly screening the different clips and picking the ones to use, I transferred "the good stuff" to my timeline:

But I immediately realize that I have probably too much material for what I want to do so I start building my rough cut keeping in mind that I want a 30 or 60 secs tops for my ad, as that is the general ad standard length and during the course we have also been advised that ideally a YouTube ad should last approximately 6 seconds. I personally tend to agree but I also think that if in those precious seconds we are able to gain and capture the viewer attention creating funny, interesting, teasing content than we have very good chances of having the viewer to watch for longer. So after a bit of chopping, trimming and condensing, I end up with a rough cut of just under a minute (instead of the 3.30 min I started with) and after adding titles as well that's how my timeline looks like :

And this is the rough cut! Now before watching I would like to say that these shots were not made for any particular purpose, they are far from perfect and I didn't even used a tripod so the majority of the shots are stabilized on Premiere. Well that's my little disclaimer!

I would like to thank the other students that left me a feedback as sometimes that could help you to make a final decision on something you have a doubt on!

On week 2 of the course we have been asked to fine tune our rough cut using transitions, key-frames, adjusting (in my case adding!) audio. So I started adding my audio tracks and editing them:

I used two different songs, a 'noise' sound effect and a bit of delay at the end of the track. Next step for me was to work a bit on the intro text to make it a bit more interesting!

Once happy with that I moved into fine tuning the titles of my ad, as I like to spend a bit of time there to find the right combination of font/colour that I think works well with the footage. I love the titling tool of Premiere because it allows to customize pretty much every everything giving a lot of space for creativity.

Reviewing the clip I also changed the overall length cutting it down to 35 seconds from almost a minute of ad. Penultimate stage of my editing was to color correct all the different clips:

And after a bit of grading and some more timing adjustments, here is my final edit:

I would like to thank Adobe for this opportunity, the tutor and the other students for the comments and support. Looking forward to do more!

⁂ Giovanni Jody Pirrone ⁂ Jodypirrone.uk ⁂

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Giovanni Jody Pirrone

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