Malaysia Perspective and international perspectives in conservation and management challenges for sustainable forest. Name: Nur Hasira Bt Mohamad Hanafiah Matric number : E15a0190

The Malaysian government is very committed to the protection and conservation of the environment. In addition, the Malaysian Government has introduced policies and legislation and act to offset forestry management and conservation of our forests glance.Even, International perspective also say the same thing as the government of Malaysia in preserving forests that continue to be enjoyed by future generations and also plays an important role in economic development.

There are a few challenges in conservation and management for sustainable forest which is pollution,illegal hunter , opening new land ,increase of temperature,forest fire and also deforestation.This element leads to the destruction of habitat and species of animal that are protected which is indirectly damages the forest . So , because of those thing the government comes out with three solution which is legislative , forest management strategic and last but not least environmental education.

In order to keep forest sustained ,Government agencies will cooperate with NGO in conservation and management challenges for forest sustainable.Forest is very valuable because a 1000 of species living there.Moreover , forest also play an important role to keep forest from illegal hunter , pollution ,temperature increase and other .No forest ,No Life .

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