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The house GOMBELT 21

The futuristic looking of the house Gombelt 21 won several prizes for the most butiful home in all of the of the humanity and the prize for the home that have the most window. He 293 windows in total for your neighbour can see everything you do like sleep, take your shower, etc. Everything that normaly nobody can see, now everybody can. The outside cost only 345 678 866 876,99 €

The inside now. In the house, almos everything is robotic except the shower and the gaming room because, yes, there is a gaming room, whit all inside, gaming computer, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, etc...

After the gaming room, it have the bedroom. The bedroom have something that is deferend that the other room. It have a transforming floor, if you enter, it will be just a bed and a walk in but if you do a code in a keypad it will transforme to a very big bunker whit all incide to survive 20 month, water, food, bed, computer whit some game, a shower and finaly a ball for play to ping-pong.

Finaly, form the rest (dining room, rest room, bathroom, etc) will be at your choice, you can tell what you want and what you don't and is the compagnie that you choice that gona pay. That was the house Gombelt 21, a house made for you.

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