Xbox One S Xavier Hobbs

the Xbox One S is the new white slim version of the Xbox One. the Xbox One S is smaller, has a bigger Hard drive, and has the power supply broken down put into the console with just a small cord to plug into the back. the Xbox One S is just a start to making gaming better and easier to transport your gaming console.

There are may different places that you can buy an Xbox One S but mostly a lot of them are bought at Bestbuy or Gamestop which Bestbuy is the most visited electronic store in the U.S. or Gamestop the biggest gaming store in the world.

if you like gaming with your friends or by yourself the Xbox one S is great for all of that. The Xbox One S is small transportable and has good quality gaming. The Xbox One S as well as the Xbox one Offers backwards compatibility in which you are able to play old classic games that you used to play on the Xbox 360 on the Xbox One and Xbox One S. the Xbox One S has 4K gaming and is also good for being an entertainment system not just for gaming. the Xbox One S offers Blue Ray, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and much more. If you like gaming and also want an entertainment system the Xbox one S is great for all those things.

a lot of people like the Xbox One S. it is probably the most powerful gaming console on the market right now. out of 5 stars the Xbox One S has a 4.5 rating and the comments on it are mostly good. the Xbox One S has transfers PlayStation players and is revolutionary.

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