Jim Crow Chris Lowe

Jim Crow Politics

The laws that were passed by political leaders during Jim Crow were extremely racist and discriminated against the black community which prevented the black community from moving up in society.

A court case that discriminated against the black community was the Plessy V. Ferguson case where an African American boy bought a first class ticket and sat in a white-only cabin. He was then arrested because he refused to move to the black-only cabin. This case was brought to court and the judge ruled that segregation was allowed because it was "separate but equal". This is the founding for all of the segregation in America. As we all know, this was not the case. Most of the black facilities were in very poor condition and most importantly, the schools were in shambles. Getting educated is one of the most important things a person can do to be successful in life. The black schools were so bad that most black people did not attend and the people who did intend received almost no education what so ever. Therefore, the blank people had almost no chance to succeed in life.

A school for white children VS. A school for black children

Also, there were vagrancy laws that were put into place that stated that all black people who are wandering the streets without a job can be arrested and sent back to the former slave owner to work as a punishment for the "crime". Most black people were without a job which meant that out of them went back to their previous owners to work for them as a for of punishment for the crime. This hurt the black community because the African American people had to work for usually life to pay for the punishment and it meant that those African Americans could not make any money. It basically put everyone back a square one. The case that abolished this unfair vagrancy law was the Papachristou v. City of Jacksonville (1972) case were this law was deemed unconstitutional.

There was a law that stated that "No person or corporation shall require any White female nurse to nurse in wards or rooms in hospitals, either public or private, in which negro men are placed (Alabama)". This means that a white doctor or nurse could not help an African American man just because he was black. This caused a lot of problems and led to many deaths in the black community because there are we not very many black doctors with a good education. This led to many deaths in the African American community since there were not many black doctors who could help injured people.

A hospital for black people during Jim Crow

Economic Effects of Jim Crow

Because of the jobs that were available to blacks people during Jim Crow, many black communities suffered under the harsh living conditions that Jim Crow caused.

During the Great Depression, an event that happened Jim Crow, African American people could not have "city" jobs because those jobs were only meant for white people and blacks people could only have jobs when every white man had a job. This took a toll on the African American communities because they were out of work for a number of years. This meant that they could not provide for their families during this difficult time which put African American communities even farther into poverty and despair.

After the Great Depression, blacks people could still not get jobs which meant that they couldn't pay their rent. Because of this, many black people resorted to sharecropping. This means that the black people work for the white owner and in return that blacks people get free rent. These sharecropping jobs were often very dangerous and they paid very little. The blacks people could get free rent, but they weren't payed enough money to buy other amenities.

Lastly, most African American people during the Great Depression did not have an education. This me want that most African Americans could only get low paying jobs that required physical labor because it was the only job a aisle for people with little to no education. Most of the jobs that required were jobs that paid almost no money. These jobs helped people living in African American communities a little bit, but the pay from that job could not support a family.

Social/Cultural Effects of Jim Crow

The societal and cultural effects of Jim Crow made it very hard on African American people to not get beaten from using improper Jim Crow etiquette.

A very famous example of this would be when a boy named Emmet Till. He allegedly was flirting with a white girl in a grocery store when he was with his friends. Four days later, two white men dragged Emmett Till out of his house and shot him near a river. They shot him because it was against Jim Crow etiquette.

A photo of Emmett Till

White people even wrote books stating rules that African American people had to follow. One of these book was called the Jim Crow Guide by Stetson Kennedy. These rules that the African American people had to follow were unfair and had consequences if these ruled were broken. Whenever somebody broke a law of Jim Crow etiquette, there was always a possibility of being lynched.

During the Jim Crow era, there were things called Minstrel plays where a white man puts things on his face to make him appear black. Then the white men would go around and act stupid. Many people in the North did not see blacks people very often and they did not know what they actually acted like. Because of this, people stereotyped African American people on the Minstrel shows that misrepresented African American people. These Minstrel shows gave people a reason to beat black people and impose harsh laws onto them.

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