Birds are being effected by climate change Global warming is effecting birds in many ways because of climate change

Global Warming is when too much greenhouse gases trap the heat and warm the earth. Global warming is causing the Polar Icecaps and other Glaciers to melt!

This is an Audubon one species of bird

Birds of all sorts of species live in a variety of habitats all around the world.

But global warming and climate change is effecting birds everywhere...

These precious birds are being effected

The Migration of birds is being messed with. The world having different climate and weather patterns are confusing the birds to make them migrate at wrong times and sometimes not even migrate at all!

This will happen too early, too late, or not even happen!

The climate change is causing birds to lay eggs earlier. Birds have an instinct to breed when it is spring and warm. A study showed that birds are laying eggs 6.6 days earlier than they should be.


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