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So what makes onSpot wifi different?

Because onSpot is unique in the marina WiFi biz, our service and reputation is often discussed among boaters and marina staff. In the following sections of this presentation we'll explain how we went about creating better marina WiFi and some of the things we do to keep our marinas and it's users online and happy. Please keep scrolling at the end for a current list of our marinas.

Our Story

onSpot — When you're here, we're there for you

onSpot wifi's service is successful where others fail. Why?

That's a question that comes up often and it's fairly easy to answer.

The short answer? onSpot wifi simply works. We're a network of more than 90 marinas that serves over 6000 users - all day, every day.

Okay, but how do you do it?

onSpot's proprietary noise mitigation system is key, but that combined with our installation practices, help desk for boaters, and 24 hour remote system management is what sets us apart — and why our marinas and their guests enjoy onSpot's service so much.

Here too

That's great, but still, why does onSpot work when others won't?

Well, we must — our business depends on it

onSpot's network was conceived and created inside a boat, tied up at a marina, and designed for marinas only. But most importantly, onSpot was created by boaters, for boaters. Like so many of us today, we live and work in our marinas and we know what's needed; our business depends on it.

How it all began- (on a little island in the Exumas, but that's another story)- During onSpot's startup, we spent several months at a marina in Jupiter, FL that was seemingly doomed to never have WiFi; the RF interference there was so bad even cell phones had zero bars. Several attempts had been made, but no one could make anything wireless work reliably.

We knew this marina was the perfect proving ground. If we could make WiFi work here, we could make it work everywhere. Not looking to make a fast buck, our intentions were focused on building a better marina WiFi hotspot.

After many days and hours of experimenting with different WiFi components, unique installation procedures, and plain old trial and error, we finally hit on a solid solution.

Once we had a working network we went about making it consistent, then faster, then smaller, and finally affordable.

onSpot wifi has delivered on all levels for Marina Jack! Strong, dependable WiFi was once a hope, but now a reality for this marina. A first class marina needs first class WiFi and onSpot's partnership has made this happen! Thank you for your A+ service in WiFi and Customer Support! — Sam Chavers Jr. - VP of Florida Marina Operations - Suntex/Marina Jack - Sarasota, Florida
Marina Jack - Sarasota - 2013
We're boaters and business people — our boat is our office and we depend on onSpot wifi to do business

With our network built, we then created a simple, but sound, support structure to keep it running and our users online

Network Management- onSpot has gone to marinas and replaced what was once expensive high-tech gear. However, because it wasn't managed properly, all the components had become costly pieces of plastic hanging from poles. Not only is this wasted money for your marina, an unreliable WiFi network creates a perception that the marina is low tech and you just don't care.

Help Desk For Boaters/Marinas- Second only to our WiFi, marina guests really appreciate having a kind, empathetic person who's always happy to answer WiFi questions and help them connect. Our True Blue users have come to know our Help Staff and feel comfortable calling them for all things WiFi.

  • Password reminders, help with connection to the correct AP, assistance hooking up TVs or other streaming devices, and most appreciated, patience with our users.
  • Our official hours are from 8AM to 8Pm - 7 days a week, but send an email to support@onspotwifi.com and we’ll usually respond anytime.
  • We’re monitoring our marinas 24/7 to make sure we know of any technical issues that arise.
  • Our monitoring system notifies us of any communication breaks on any critical component, anywhere, 24/7.
  • We’ll try and contact marina personnel to inform them of a problem but we don’t stop there. If it’s an ISP connection issue, we’re on the phone with Comcast, AT&T, Bright House, Atlantic Broadband, Verizon Fios, or whoever the ISP may be that serves that particular marina.
  • We schedule needed service calls or dispatch our own engineers if the problem is with our equipment.
  • Rest assured, if there’s a WiFi problem at any of our marinas we’re doing something to resolve it quickly and efficiently; most often before anyone knows there’s a glitch.
  • A marina’s users/boaters can call us with any WiFi related problems they may have.
  • Even if it’s with something we don’t support, we’ll do our best to make our customers happy.
  • We pride ourselves on being able to get any user online anytime, but the boaters need to call us. When they do, our support desk can see the user and the attempted connection. If it’s the wrong access point we can suggest a different one or do some adjustments to make things run faster.
onSpot believes that latest/greatest bleeding edge technology is not the benefit that we should be presenting to prospective customers: fast, consistently reliable service is.

We're sure you've heard similar sales pitches before, but onSpot truly does offer an excellent service that's both fast and trustworthy. However, we backup that statement with our wallet.

Our guarantee :

We ask for no money up front. When you give us the go ahead to install WiFi at your marina, we deliver, setup our network, and make it operational before you ever see a bill.No Deposit, no contract, and no payment is due until you agree our service works great. NO kidding.

How and why does onSpot give such a generous guarantee?

2 short answers and the explanation

  • 1. Because we can.
  • 2. To remove the risk of, once again, buying a WiFi network that doesn't work.

inasmuch as we're confident that every marina will enjoy the better WiFi experience onSpot's service delivers, we're betting we'll be paid. We've yet to lose this wager.

That's cool! — What else does onSpot do?

onSpot wifi is not just a WiFi Provider- We're the complete marina WiFi package. We put to work our marina proven gear using marina experienced technical personnel so that you and your staff will never have to answer to unhappy boaters and make excuses for poor internet connections.

After we complete our installation, we own everything WiFi. onSpot's fast, reliable, and managed WiFi will make your boaters happier and their stay longer.

With onSpot wifi, your managers and staff can go back to doing what it is they do best - taking care of the marina and it's guests - We'll take care of WiFi

We promote our marinas- onSpot does a ton of advertising that directs our true-blue boaters to the marinas on our network. We're proud of our marinas and all our advertisements include onSpot's list of marinas.

With confidence they'll find reliable WiFi, boaters will choose to stay at an onSpot marina every time. — and they will stay longer

Slowly but surely, onSpot wifi has built a large network with an excellent reputation and a loyal following. But don't take our word for it, ask your traveling boaters, and ask our marinas, "What do you think of onSpot wifi?".

We will always stay at marinas that offers your service — I have been in a number of marinas that offer WiFi and have found them lacking in reliable connections and strong signals. I have been a customer at Loggerhead Marina in Hollywood, FL for over a year and the service, since they began using onSpot, is the best I've ever experienced at any marina. — Thank you, Doug Alden
I have gone from frustrating, limited connections to lightning speed. I was able to stream for hours & hours last night. It means everything today, to have an organization that stands behind their products and is able to back it up with exceptional service. You have a fantastic team. Thank you again... Claudia Wisbrod - "the bay" Legacy Harbour Marina C-16 - Fort Myers, Florida
Heard from one of our customers today that has had the pleasure of enjoying the wifi at ZYC and then he ventured off on a trip to the Southern Bay. He reported back, our onSpot wifi is exceptional in comparison. Kudos! Nice to finally have a wifi system that you can brag about when talking with customers. Jim Sharkey - Marina Manager - Zahniser's Yachting Center - Solomons Island, MD
Nantucket Boat Basin - onSpot Cam

Yes, we also do Marina Cams - Along with great WiFi, onSpot can also deploy a sophisticated Marina Surveillance Camera System.

Using the wireless network's technology that makes our WiFi work so well we’re able to offer excellent HD video coverage to our marinas -and- hold down costs at the same time.

So if you're thinking Marina Cams, please think onSpot: We can save your marina very much money if we install both, Cams and WiFi, simultaneously.

Click this link. you'll find real time examples of our marina cam installations - http://onspotwifi.com/marina-cams.php

The Home Office

We do onsite network analysis- See the boat in the picture above ? That's our headquarters, our R&D lab, our office, and our home away from home. We use this vessel for installations, inspections, and and a place to stay while visiting our marinas.

Whenever possible, we pull into a marina to test and analyze our networks from inside our boat - just like your customers.

Then, we bring her back to every marina on a regular basis to make certain all our components are performing at 100% and every network remains, Better Marina WiFi™.

How can anyone install a successful marina WiFi system never having used it themselves?
The Bluffs Marina - Jupiter, FL

We make it easy to locate all our marinas- To help guide boaters to our marinas, onSpot has exclusive placement in all Waterway Guides Publications. Waterway Guide is like a cruising boater's bible; now they can easily follow wherever they travel - and they do.

We make logging in as easy as possible- Below is an example of our instructional brochure; we leave these at the dock office so marina personnel can present them to guests as they check in. This takes most of the questions out of the log-in process and it provides our phone number in case they have special requests. Our Help Desk is operational 8AM to 8PM, 7 days a week. Boaters love this.

So there you have it, that's our story

For 6 years now, onSpot wifi only does marinas and they're associated properties — and we do them better than anyone else. Please contact any or all of our marinas; we work hard to make certain you'll only hear good things. onSpot makes having fast and reliable WiFi easy, we take care of all your customer's technical questions, and we make sure your marina's WiFi is always ON.

We believe that our most effective services are rooted in genuine customer insight and empathy. Understanding marinas and boaters is at the heart of everything we do.

It's simple — If you really need WiFi that works — Problem solved.

Thanks for your time and attention

BTW - there's a list of our marinas below -

Better Marina WiFi™



Old Port Cove Marina - N. Palm Beach, Fl
Compass Cay Marina
Bahia Mar - Ft Lauderdale
Baltimore, MD
Harbor East Marina - Baltimore, MD
Legacy Harbour - Ft Myers, FL
Harborwalk Marina - Georgetown, SC
Annapolis, MD
Morningstar Golden Isles - St. Simons Island, GA
Atlantic Yacht Basin - Chesapeake, VA
Solomons Island, MD
Spring Cove Marina - Solomons
Zahnizer's Yachting Center - SOlomons
Charleston Harbor Marina
Harbourtown Yacht Basin - Hilton Head, SC
Port Annapolis Marina
Miami Beach Marina
Highbourne Cay - Exumas, Bahamas
Conch Harbor Marina- Key West
The Bluffs Marina - Jupiter, FL

Wentworth By The Sea Marina - New Castle, NH

Nantucket Boat Basin - Nantucket, MA

Harbor East Marina - Baltimore, MD

Osprey Point Marina - Rock Hall, MD

Port Annapolis Marina - Annapolis, MD

Eastport Yacht Center - Annapolis, MD

Mears Point Marina - Grasonville, MD

Mears Marina Annapolis - Annapolis, MD

Herrington Harbour North - Tracey's Landing, MD

Herrington Harbour South - Deale, MD

Shipwright Harbor Marina - Deale, MD

Zahniser's Yachting Center - Solomons, MD

Spring Cove Marina - Solomons, MD

Ocean City Fishing Center - Ocean City, MD

Sunset Marina - Ocean City, MD

Atlantic Yacht Basin - Chesapeake, VA

Marina at St James Plantation - Southport, NC

Harborwalk Marina - Georgetown, SC

Hazzard Marina - Georgetown, SC

Charleston Harbor Marina - Charleston, SC

Harbour Town Yacht Basin - HIlton Head, SC

Hinckley Yacht Services - Savannah, GA

Morningstar Bahia Blue Marina - Savannah, GA

Morningstar Marinas | Golden Isles - St Simons Island, GA

Marineland Marina - St. Augustine, FL

Palm Coast Marina - Palm Coast, FL

Loggerhead Marina - Daytona Beach, FL

Boat Tree Marina - Sanford, FL

Westland Marina - Titusville, FL

Ocean Club Marina - Port Canaveral, FL

Suntex Marina - Vero Beach, FL

Fort Pierce City Marina - Fort Pierce, FL

Loggerhead Marina - Stuart, FL

Sailfish Marina - Stuart, FL

Admirals Cove Marina - Jupiter, FL

The Bluffs Marina - Jupiter, FL

Loggerhead Marina - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Soverel Harbour Marina - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Old Port Cove Marina - North Palm Beach, FL

North Palm Beach Marina - North Palm Beach, FL

New Port Cove Marine Center - Riviera Beach, FL

Palm Beach Yacht Club - Palm Beach, FL

Loggerhead Marina | City Marina - Riviera Beach, FL

Suntex Marina Lantana - Lantana, FL

Suntex Marina South Lantana - Lantana, FL

Bahia Mar Yachting Center - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Suntex Marina - Hollywood, FL

Suntex Marina - Aventura, FL

Miami Beach Marina - Miami Beach, FL

Conch Harbor Marina - Key West, FL

Key West Bight Marina - Key West, FL

Garrison Bight Marina - Key West, FL

Marco Island Marina - Marco Island, FL

Legacy Harbour - Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers Yacht Basin - Fort Myers, FL

Bayfront Yacht Works - Sarasota, FL

Suntex Marina Jack - Sarasota, FL

Longboat Key Moorings - Longboat Key, FL

Cove Sound Moorings - Cortez, FL

Tierra Verde Marina - Palmetto, FL

Riviera Dunes Marina - Palmetto, FL

Suntex Marina - St. Petersburg, FL

Home Port Marina - Palm Harbor, FL

Bay Street Marina - Nassau, Bahamas

Little Halls Pond - Exumas, Bahamas

Soldier Cay - Exumas, Bahamas

Wild Tamarind Cay - Exumas, Bahamas

Highbourne Cay Marina - Exumas, Bahamas

Staniel Cay - Exumas, Bahamas

Compass Cay - Exumas, Bahamas

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