Deere and Company By Gavin Miranda

CEO John Allen: "The world's need for food will Double by 2050; our company will do the same."

Primary Reason: What's made the company be revered as the Salt of the Earth for 180 years

Est. 1847

According to CEO and Cornell alumni, Alex Miranda: “A company’s primary objective isn’t selling products…. it’s selling the brand behind the products.”

As president of my own company, I can definitely affirm: John Deere is an identity for the common man with an uncommon Brand

Why am I here?

Simple: Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

I will promote the Deere reputation because they attract pathfinders; therefore, they attract pathfinders because people like me will promote their reputation

According to Glassdoor reviews, this company firstly values its diverse workforce like family; their shareholders are secondary. This is done through competitive industry wages and the ability to step in the role of management in a short amount of time.

First, the infatuation for their Brand is echoed by the slogan: "Nothing runs like a Deere."

According to George Suppes, a manager with Deere and Company’s Drivetrain division said this: “Our engineers have clear communication with manufacturing to know their limits and saving time doing so.”

In conjunction with UF professor, Dr. Archambeau’s management principles: John Deere’s horizontal collaborative structure gives it the ability to produce its array of quality-manufactured products with affordability in mind. Giving John Deere the pathway to transform it from an international company to a global company.

Second, Post-Graduation Plan: Corporate Sales Trainee

I will gain exposure to marketing, product lines, and competition. This is done through shadowing field managers and factory marketing campaigns.

The program lasts 15 months and seeks to impart, per John Deere’s website: “Training, Tactical Marketing, Platform Product Support, Customer Support, Product Line Marketing, and Dealer Development.”

Lastly, I don’t think of John Deere as a company; rather, I think of them as a family that values their worker’s wants and needs before all others. If I’m going to work for someone, I don’t want to regret getting hired; I want to regret not working for them sooner.

Community Development

John Deere doesn’t just sell its brand, it sells the people that keep the brand "Running Like a Deere"

Thank you for listening

Any questions?

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