Feudal system Sommer abrahim


the dominant social system in medieval Europe, in which the nobility held lands from the Crown in exchange for military service, and vassals


a large country house with lands the principal house of a landed estate.

Who lived On the manor?

Lords,Serfs,and peasants lived On The manor

How are society groups interpendant?

The king sat atop feudal society aNd had large areas of land. The noblemEn dEpeded on the king so they could have land from them then they would become lords. The knoghts would provide protection to the lords for a pEice of their land. The serfs and pesants worked for the noblemen and earned money.

How does the feudal system affect polItics?

Feudal system affects politics because the people woUldnt fOllow the laws. They would just do whatever they wanteD. People could take control of other peoplE.

How does the feudal system affect social structure?

It affects social structure because Rendom people can just take over. If random people can tAke over. that mEans they wOnt even have a sOCial structure if a bunch of random people can take over.

How does the feudal system Affect the economy?

People will start tAking other peoPles jobs. People With no jobs will have no mOney and be poor because poeple can just TAKEOVER and stEal other peoples jobs. Also without jobs there will be alot of people without shelter and food. That is how it will affect the economy.

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