Good Life at FLMNH Ting Wang


The exhibit that caught my attention the most is the butterfly exhibit. I didn't learn about the natural world by exhibiting. I briefly remembered stuff from the end. However, it's a pretty car. I don't want to lazy. Where do you live? They said that they were startled. My experience at the museum is more enjoyable knowing someone came with just me <3


The Natural History Museum did provide me the opportunity to experience nature through his co and himself. Most people were amazed by the show. As I went through he museum, I was constantly fascinated by every display and/or exhibit. Other people were also fascinated by the different displays. Visitors are applied to park in certain guest stops.


The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by having displays that we wouldn't see in the present nor the future. A few examples would be dinosaur skeletons, shark jaws, and tribes. It helps us better understand who we are by getting to know the world that we wouldn't have been able to know. It helps us understand their world better. You see the pros and cons of each display. You see how they live and how they die. This helps better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by not knowing what will happen; by not knowing why somethings happen.

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