An Amazing and Wonderful Journey experience of visiting the harn museum of art

Introduction & Foreshadow

The Harn Museum of Art is one of the most amazing museums I have ever visited. And it is the first time I visit a museum in the University of Florida and is also the second time in the United States. More importantly, there are some difference between the Harn Museum of Art with the museums I have visited in different cities in China. Everything is new to me right here, so I pay full attention to each arts, works, and corners of the museum. As I set foot in the museum, I knew a new and wonderful tour would start soon and I cannot wait.

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

There are many paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings inside the museum. It is a totally different experience to see and appreciate the art works in person in a museum compared to see on a website or in a book. When I go through museum, one work of art suddenly caught my eyes. The work is not colorful, but special. The name of this artistic work is Traces, which is done by Viyé Diba in 2007. See the art in person can actually help me better understand the work of art. When I see Traces in a distance, I think it must be an painting. However, when I see it closely, I found that it is a canvas combined with other materials which is really striking. Then I realize that Viyé Diba’s multimedia works always combine local strip-woven cloth with imported canvas, as well as discarded materials from the streets of Dakar that show traces of human use. In the work, the vertically strips seem to convey some information to me and communicate with me. After reading the introduction, I realize that the strips suggest the movements of legs in dance, as visualized in African sculpture. “Dina created Traces after his visit to Rwanda in 2004 where he witnessed the aftermath of genocide, Its somber earth-toned field riddled by eruptions of blue patches evokes the memory of strewn detritus that was both evidence and witness of inhumanity, chaos, and violence.”Instead of using colorful scene, Dina use drab color to convey his angry and sad. I feel striking and amazing about the technique, but sad and upset about the story behind the art.

Design of the Museum

The design of the building and the arrangement of exhibits play two essential roles when people visit a museum. A good design of the space of the museum, such as lighting, design of rooms or outdoor spaces can highly enhance visitors’s enjoyment of the artwork. The background photo is one of my favorite rooms and wings of the museum. After visiting around and appreciating different artistic work of paintings and drawings, I set foot into that space and I Immediately felt really relaxed and comfortable. The room is the center of the museum, hence people can go to different wings of the museum through here. I sat on the sofa comfily and appreciated the scenes around me. In the picture, we can see three different artistic works displayed in the room. The soft light hit on the sculptures, and the shadow take place on the floor, a beautiful scene that people could appreciate while taking a rest. The room is so large that people can relax their eyes after closely seeing different paintings and drawings in the museum. I felt delightful and comfortable when I take a rest in that perfect place that I can fully prepared for another visit in other wings of the museums.

Art and Core Values

The feeling and perspective of art is very personal. When I see and appreciate different artistic works, I have different emotions and perspectives compared to other people. When me and my friend see one artistic work at the same time, I may get strong feeling and profound affect but my friend may not, which shows that the perspective on appreciate a work of art is very subjective. The work of art that evoke the core value, love, in my heart, is a photograph named “Frida and Diego with Gas Mask” taken by Nickolas Muray in 1938. At first, I am not so sure if this is love between the man and the woman in the photo, but I am pretty sure they have an ambiguous relationship. According to the introduction, this image catches Frida and Diego in a mischievous mood, as they clown with a gas mask used to protect Rivera, from harmful fumes while painting his murals. After reading the introduction, I realized that the woman want to protect the man by giving the mask holding in her hand. The way they embraced each other, the way the woman holding the mask, and the expression on their faces, present what is love and how to love in their lives. When I search them on Google by using my phone, I realized they are indeed a pair of lovers. The emotion that artwork instill in my body is sweet and warm. It help me better understand what is love and how to love in our lives. And the mask, a special part in the picture, tell me how to help your lover and how to convey your love in some special situations.

Art and the Good Life

Artists always use their artwork to provoke human to think can consider thoughtfully about what is life and what is a good life. The art work sometimes inspire us to change how we think and how we act. Artistic work have their special strong power that can encourage people to consider what they want in their life.

When I first try to find an artwork about good life, the first thing that came to my mind was happiness. So I decided to search an artwork depicting human in a state of joy. However, one special photo catch my eyes and what it show is completely opposite to what I thought.

The photo is called Three girls holding hands and is taken by Sebastian Salgado in 1981. According to the introduction, Sebastian Salgado is widely renewed for his arresting and socially conscious photographs documenting communities around the world. His stark images of people coping with the effects of poverty have earned him awards and brought attention to these issues. The three girls captured in the image are from the interior of Paraiba, a state in Northeast Brazil. The economy of Paraiba is largely agriculture, and frequent droughts have led to great migrations from the countryside to the cities.

In a word, the three girls and their family are very poor and they seem to not have a “good life” and their dedicated look seem to longing for something. In the picture, they held hands with each other and stand in front of the camera. By taking this picture, Sebastian Salgado seem to convey the information that there are some people really need help. While appreciating that picture, I started to think about the theme of the good life. The first thing that went through my mind is “whom we can help" in our lives. Just like the girls in the picture, there are still many people suffer from poverty in different areas in the world. And we can help those kind of people by many different ways, such as donating old belongings like clothes, setting up fund raising and using personal financial help. A good life is not only beer and skittles, but also give a hand to the people who really need help. That is my theme of my “good life” and that picture strongly help me understand that theme.

Thank You

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