Richard Vogler 30 years at Sussex

Staff receive awards for long service to the University this week. Professor of Comparative Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, Richard Vogler shares his thoughts on 30 years at Sussex.

What was your first impression of the University?

Within a few days of starting my career at Sussex, the campus was devastated by the October 1987 hurricane which turned the whole site into a chaotic lumber yard of fallen trees. I don't think that I could necessarily be blamed for this, although shortly afterwards I was sent a circular asking whether I had considered early retirement?!


What’s been the highlight of your time here?

My wonderful colleagues


What do you think makes Sussex special?

Us! All of us!


What’s your Sussex secret?

Something about the University which isn’t common knowledge. I teach in the Law faculty which is now one of the largest in the University, with over 1,200 students. In 1987, shortly after the hurricane, when we were tiny in size, the University decided that it might be a good idea to close us down because Law wasn't very "Sussex". We survived then, only by the skin of our teeth and after a lot of argument!

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