Saastra Expenses

Automate your Expense Reporting

Record your expenses on the go

You can record your expenses on the go, literally anywhere. Recording your expenses “live” will ensure the highest level of accuracy, and makes life easier for employees. Plus, employers can check the status of their workforce’s expenses at any moment, which helps overhead management budgeting.

Cloud based management system

Hosting our apps in Microsoft Azure ensures that expense submissions can be submitted anywhere and on any device. Streamline your expense system through our user-friendly app. Using Power BI, users can produce their own reports, and makes expense numbers a pleasure to work.

Multi-level expense approval

Through our expense management system, users can submit their expenses with just one simple click. Need to send in a load of new expense requests on the go? No problem. Simply grab your smartphone, snap a few pictures of the receipts, and our system will do the rest. You can get them approved within minutes. Paperless and no hassle.

How Does it Work?

For Saastra Expenses we have used such technology and components/frameworks:

Web Api, MVC, Xamarin Android and IOS, SharePoint add-ins, Outlook add-ins, Azure Cloud Service, Azure Cloud Storage, Power BI report.

Inspired Expenses - Web and Mobile applications.

Main Idea: The Inspired Expenses app is a companion app to Inspired Expenses cloud service. Inspired Expenses is an easy-to-use and efficient web-based expense management system. Accessible from any Internet browser, Inspired expenses gives people the ability to enter and submit expenses for approval including: out-of-pocket expenses, business expenses billed to their personal cards or company cards, or on-the-go expenses and mileage entered using their mobile devices.

Monitoring employees expenses and journeys in reports (export to excel and pdf allowed).

Different mileage total calculation as organization option. Modern and Mobile friendly web app ui.

Mobile application with journey tracking and snap receipts. Approve and sync data from mobile to web server.


Running a global payroll is a complex undertaking for most multinational companies. Complying with different, often intricate local regulations, staying abreast of frequent changes to those regulations, facing the risk of significant penalties for non-compliance are all factors that lead most companies to outsource their payroll operations to local payroll partners with experts on the ground. However, even with the help of local payroll partners, significant challenges remain. If you have employees on your payroll who are spread across a number of different countries, chances are you are struggling with some of the following challenges of running a global payroll:

  • Lots of different local payroll partners to manage across all countries
  • Multitude of different systems and processes across the payroll operations in various countries
  • Lack of global oversight over the status and potential issues in your local payroll processes
  • No or very limited global reporting that aggregates and consolidates payroll data across the different countries
  • Ensuring compliance with constantly changing local laws and regulations impacting payrolls and required deductions
  • No real benchmarks just how well your local payroll provider actually performs compared to other local vendors

And the current global payroll solutions from the traditional payroll players that are aiming to address these challenges all suffer the same "fatal" flaws by requiring:

  • Disruptive rip & replace of existing local payroll solutions
  • Long, cumbersome implementations, often many months to cover all local countries
  • High cost, both initial implementation cost and ongoing monthly service fees

For Payzaar web application project we have used such technology and components/frameworks:

jQuery, EntityFramework, MVC, SharePoint add-ins, Outlook add-ins, Azure Cloud Service, Azure Cloud Storage, Power BI report.

Main Idea: Payzaar is here to revolutionize the global payroll market. Payzaar is the first open, connected and transparent marketplace for global payroll solutions. By connecting local payroll providers to the Payzaar hub, we make them part of an integrated global solution that consists of consolidated global reporting, global payroll operations controls and a single global user experience.

The best part is that we can do so with minimal disruption by leveraging existing relationships with local payroll providers. Thanks to our highly configurable system we can get you up and running in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Payzaar is based on our firm belief in the power of free markets that are founded on transparency, choice and competition and that thrive on efficiency and innovation.

Food Choice at Work (FCW)

This website is designed to improve employees’ eating patterns and overall health to reduce their risk of obesity and other diet-related diseases (i.e. heart disease and diabetes).

FCW is a sustainable high-intensity complex workplace health program that deals directly with the caterer, workplace stakeholders and employees making fundamental changes to purchasing, preparation and presentation of food in the workplace.

This sustainable program creates a supportive healthy eating workplace environment for all employees and is tailored according to the individual characteristics of each workplace.

A highly experienced team of research nutritionists and dieticians implement, monitor and evaluate the FCW program in each workplace. It has been identified that a software application is required to manage different aspects of the program.

This can be used as a hub for those people taking part and will be able to track much of the communications that occurs.

For FCW we have used such technology and components/frameworks:

Microsoft.NETCore.App, Angular 2, Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore

This website showcases FCW Ltd and includes details about the program, case studies, contact details, etc. We believe this is best handled as a separate project as it can be developed quickly, will address an immediate need, and be standalone. The development of a software solution to help manage the process can easily be linked into the FCW website at a later date.

Onestream is a full end to end HD web broadcasting platform

Streaming online to all major platforms. Contact us today and our team will get right back to you and answer any of your queries

Entertainment. For venues, Onestream‘s multi-camera install is a full HD broadcast, plug and play facility that provides the means to extend your footprint, broaden your audience, distribute the experience and increase your revenues.

Education. Live and on-demand learning allows participants to tailor their tuition to their own schedule and access classes that they may not otherwise be able to attend. It increases class sizes, course participation and success rates.

Corporate. Continuous professional and compliance training is a key component of business management and increasingly webcasting is the chosen means to inform and empower, making effective professionals, more effective.

Built a top Microsoft Azure Platform, this cloud platform allows us to scale up to meet any audience size and stream the highest quality content to any major browser, tablet or mobile devices even while on the go!

Onestream is a revolutionary cloud computing start-up, that aims to bring professional level but easy to use web broadcasting experience to entertainment, education and corporate markets. It works on all major web browsers, iOS and Android devices.

  • HD Broadcast quality to all platforms
  • Live and on-demand viewing
  • Available for permanent venues and one-time events
  • Branded iOS app for off-line viewing

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