Tour of the Harn Andrew Hudson

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

This piece of artwork by Joel Shapiro was very interesting to me because it is very simple, yet so descriptive. By using just six bronze blocks, this piece displays expert balance and depicts the form of a person. The basic nature and geometry used here drew my attention and made me consider how people stretch themselves thin as they try to balance out their hectic lives. Shapiro's art made me feel at peace because I realized that I'm not the only one who's struggling to keep his life together, rather we all go through it with one another.

Design of the Museum

The David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing was, in my opinion, the most beautiful part of the museum. The use of wood all around the wing, including on the ceiling and pillars, gave the exhibit a unique Asian feel to it that was apparent from the moment I walked in. The most captivating part of the wing was the wall of windows that allowed the sun to naturally light the room and gave access to the garden outside. The room itself was very open, which made the atmosphere feel free and inviting. The natural look of the exhibit made everything seem more authentic and allowed me to connect with the art pieces themselves and the messages they conveyed.

Art and Core Values

This piece of art is called Woman's wrapper (mehlefa), or a veil that would be worn by a Mauritanian woman. This piece relates to my core values because it reminds me of the veil that tore in the temple when Jesus Christ was crucified. I am a Christian, and this story is one of the most important events in human history, so the veil tearing is very impacting to me. Looking at this mehlefa allows me to picture what the veil may have looked like in Jesus's time, so I feel more connected with my beliefs. I am grateful for the emotions that flowed through me when I experienced this piece of art.

Art and the Good Life

The good life in this sculpture is depicted in the comfort of a solid family. The piece, titled "Family", displays the good life to me because the future that I hope for is centered around my wife and children as the most important part of my life. The sculpture itself is almost in the shape of a heart, showing the immense love that encompasses this family life. This piece highlights the significance of a caring home and the role it plays in the normal good life. I want these values to be the core of my life when I end up having a family of my own.


Andrew Hudson

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