Nolan's Stock Market Project Frey Nolan parrish

stage one: research

A stock general means having ownership in or of a company or any company. But a share means specifically you own part of a specific company. So the difference between them is minor, and has more to do with financial or legal accuracy. A dividend is an amount of a company's earnings that is given to a shareholder. The amount is decided by the board of directors, and the payment can be in the form of shares, cash, or other things. Nasdaq is one of the top exchange markets, which is in New York, another is the London stock exchange which is also large. As well as the Japan exchange group in Tokyo.

A ticker is an abbreviation of the company’s name. The tickers vary from different markets, even within the same country, some have three letters or fewer and some like Nasdaq have four. A mutual fund is a group of many funds put together and owned by many investors. Each person involved will participate in the loss or gain of the funds. It affects the market by changing the price of the individual stocks, that make up the market. The pros of investing in stocks is you can make a lot of money, whether that is by your company making money, or you sell your stock while the market is up. The con is that you can sometimes lose a lot of money.

Stage 3: Reflection

The companies that have done the best in my time so far have been Amazon (which has remained in the positive percentage since the day I bought it) and Apple and Apple and Samsung have been on and off. The two that have done the worst are General Electric and Wells Fargo, I sold WF because it had been doing so badly, and when GE gets high enough I will sell that one as well. At least that’s my plan. Amazon I know is just always thriving, they sell such a wide range of products that If one falls, it can be replaced by something completely different. They also have products in their systems from other companies on the market which can rise and fall, which changes them. Apple is doing well and not so because of new products it released, and I know that Samsung has been doing bad recently because of their exploding phone dilemma.

I have since the beginning sold Wells Fargo because it was doing so poorly, and at the time it was priced so I wouldn’t lose too much money. I also bought Samsung part way though which has made my total profit, portfolio value, and ranking rise and fall. I would like in the end to sell my bad stocks and have everything in the green.

Stage 4: Reflection

My stocks were a mix of bad and good, some of them change drastically from negative to positive or vice versa during the course of the project. The Worst stocks that I started with in the beginning were General Electric and Wells Fargo, they were the worst but I sold them because they were doing so badly that they were pulling down my whole amount and total gain. From when I bought Apple and Amazon to November 8th, they were doing great, my best stocks, at one point up over 10 percent, but then on the 9th all my stocks including those went down, and some didn’t recover and still are in the negative like Amazon. Samsung was good, then bad, and went back and forth, at the moment it is doing well, and up. Also genetic tech limited has been doing well, but then plummeted. I assume that the reason a lot of stocks went down on the 9th was because of the US election results coming out, is seems like a trend. Each year after this specific election, the whole market goes down. It’s been a trend for the past couple election’s and the drop in market percent has only risen steadily.

If I were to redo this project, I would definitely not invest in Apple, and around the time of the election, I would have sold all my stocks. That way I would be able research some stocks. I would only then invest in ones that were thriving despite the election, and go from there. I had a mix range of good and bad choices in my stocks, if I had to do it over again, I would choose different stocks for sure. A couple stocks I might invest in are like tesla or maybe some other car brands, for some reason to me they seem more reliable than something like media or electronics. I tried to do some research, and invest in some stocks but that sadly did not work out for me, so I would probably just try and do more research if I were to continue from what I have now.

Over the course of this project I have learned a lot about investing in stocks. Mostly I have learned it’s not as easy as I thought it in the beginning, and I mean the investing part, not the whole idea. When the project was first introduced and I was browsing around at stocks it was all very confusing, the numbers, the symbols, the names, the percentages, all of it was hard for me to understand at first. Then once I understood that it was the investing in stocks that’s hard, and even now it’s still not easy, I’m not sure it ever will be. It’s extremely hard to predict what will happen in the market, and that’s the most difficult part about it, and the suspense of the drop or rise in price and percentage. Over all the stock market is not an easy thing to grasp or to deal with, but I’m glad I worked on this project anyway.


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