Xitlali Martinez Client Photographer


whittier high skaters

whittier high school. february 18, 2020

these are my friends who attend whittier high school with me. they are skaters and spend most of their free time skating. before quarantine we use to skate after school at our school auditorium. they have been skating for over 4 years and are very passionate about it. this day was one of our final days together skating.

people in the first photo from left to right: luke , adam , xavier, and ivan


l'amour est déchiré

november 7, 2020

this is my twin brother diego. him and i are really into fashion and love to take photos of our outfits. this day he wanted me to take some photos of his outfit for his instagram. so i decided to move my entire room just to take photos for him. it was a success... at least for me. he posted them on his instagram and a week later ended up deleting them.

his instagram: @dieg0isded


tecolotlan, jalisco. september 24, 2020

this is my grandma gregoria from jalisco. she is the mother of my dad and the last time i got to see her was when i was two years old and thankfully i got to see her this past september. she is quite old and i wasn't sure when i would have another opportunity to see her so i decided that while i am not physically in school i can visit her in mexico.


pam + mo

november 21, 2020

these are some product shots that i took for a company called pam + mo. they are a company ran by two sisters named Pamela and Monica. they sent out a sweater and tote bag for us to photograph. the sweater and tote bag have the word "arte" which translates to art on it and are both really fashionable. while shooting these photos we had a special guest interrupt our photoshoot which ended up being a great photo opportunity.


p.f candles

october 2, 2020

this is a candle from the company called p.f candle and the sent is called Sunbloom. they are an LA based company ran by Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger. these candles have a great smell to them and the best part about them is that they are handmade in california. when shooting this product i found it easy to shoot because their aesthetic is close to the type of aesthetic i enjoy. my idea for shooting the candle was to try and present it in a very simple environment with not to much color and stuff going on.


vive cosmetics

october 24, 2020

these are lipsticks and lip glosses from the company vive cosmetics. vive cosmetics is a latina-owned and operated beauty brand created to celebrate their love for all things beauty and cultura in one place. my ideas for this company was to use bright colors and props thats made these products stand out but in a creative way. shooting these products was fairly easy and not as difficult as i thought it would be.



Xitlali Martinez is a 17-year-old LA-based photographer and senior at Whittier High School. Her love for photography began about 5 years ago when she was first introduced to it by her uncle. Later she joined Las Fotos Project and has been committed for almost four years. She is passionate about documenting the lives and living situations of her family and friends. Focusing on skate culture, Xitlali portrays the lives of youth during this difficult time and captures their story. Together with her interest in fashion photography, she is able to create photographs that define a community in her perspective. She hopes to one day further her experience within these fields.

When meeting new skater kids they all say the same thing - skating is a way for them to cope with their stress and school. Times are different and most skaters that I’ve gotten to know, rely on skateboarding as a way to escape from their difficult living situations. I am passionate about capturing these moments that make them feel the most alive.