Pure Zen The Mindful athlete is present and aware

Pure Zen is offering a promotional after school program at the Cresskill elementary school. The program will include teaching techniques associated with mindfulness. In teaching these techniques children will learn how to cope with difficult situations on and off the court or playing field. The goal is to generate a focus and commitment from the Cresskill students that will translate to success in the classroom and in sports. Mindfulness teachings is well documented in professional sports and was a big contributing factor to Phil Jackson's Bulls, and Lakers championship teams. It is my belief that a child not only can benefit more from these teachings but also learn it quicker and utilize it more effectively.

Pure Zen offers the following:

Our mentorship program will instill confidence and determination in the youngsters associated with the program. It will also give them insight to handle social situations with awareness and presence. Our goal is to impact each child in a way that allows them to maximize their potential in life and in sports.
Our personal training classes, both one on one and in groups will give children instruction to help them create healthy habits, work ethic, and the exercise needed to have a healthy lifestyle.
Our sports training program is designed to give individual instruction in a sports specific manner. We offer training for basketball, football, baseball/softball, track and field, and swimming.
On staff we have a dietitian/nutritionist who specializes in mindful eating and food based nutrition. We offer meal plans for kids and parents of all ages and health conditions.
Pure Zen would not be what it is without our meditation and yoga. We offer dynamic and versatile meditation and yoga classes for people of all experience levels. We have introductory classes for child and parent. Kids classes and also adult classes.


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