the great food chains by samantha sharer

part of the life cycle

this food chain starts with the sun, plants (produsers),then a grasshoper (herdvore), then the lizard ( convore). then the fox wich is a (convore) .They are all consomers. But if a animal dies then the food chian is destroed but the animal that eats the will have to find deffrent food.

key: when you slide down that means flow of energy.

A food chain is something we all need

first it starts with the sun.

then the engey gose to the plant he is a prodouser ( makes his own food).

then the lady bug eats the plants he is a herdovore.

then the lizard eats the ladybug and getsthe engry and he is a cornvore.

then the fox eats the lizard and she is a convore.

the fox dies and the worms eat the fox.


1.this food chain shows that energy gose to every animal that die.

2: the energy flows from one animal to the becase each animal has energy in him and another animal eats him.

3:the least amount of energy is in the worms. The most amount is in the sun.

4:If the lizard dies and there is no more the animal how eats the lizard will have to look of more food and the food chain might eczest.


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