The Big Old Kids Party Remember Your Inner Child

The Big Old Kids Party is an event to help us heal by bringing out our inner child and celebrate life before the BillS!

Adults from all backgrounds will be free and relive some of their favorite childhood games and activities like; moon bounces, double dutch, musical chairs, and horseback rides.

This is an adults only event, however guests can RSVP for our free on site childcare. We don’t want to keep anyone from joining us on this nostalgic ride back to the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s!

Not everyone had a childhood they want to relive, so this is an opportunity to give that inner child the experience they deserved.

Our childhood was the foundation to our lives, and what happened then impacts every relationship we have today... especially the one with ourselves. This event is the first step to healing.

This fundraiser doesn’t only raise awareness for Inner Child Therapy, but also raises money for The ECO Foundation's #100K100Days campaign to purchase a permanent home for The ECO Center

About The Big Old Kids

The Education Culture Opportunities (ECO) Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that creatively educates people through art and entertainment while connecting them with opportunities to better themselves and their communities. @TheECOfoundation

Mother Nurture is an organization that promotes self love and healing through creating skincare and other cosmetics using organic material in an attempt to provide a more natural approach in the ways that we take care of ourselves. @_MotherNurture

Our MC & Curator, @KyleTheConductor

This event is perfect for friends, couples, colleagues, and anyone else who can use a break from adulting to be a kid for a day!

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Remember Your Inner Child!


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