Steamboat Robert fulton

John Fitch built expensive steamboat but they were very expensive to operate so they were unsuccessful. Robert Fulton made the first successful one he was an American inventor the ship was named the Clermot.

The era of the steamboat started in 1787. It wasn't until 1807 where the first successful one was designed and built. The first trial of 45 feet was made on August 22, 1787 on the Delaware river by the Clermot. 

The steamboat is a boat that is propelled by a steam engine and paddle wheel craft type. It's purpose was to carry supplies across water or carry passengers across water too. it was more efficient than a paddleboat and more simple. 

Robert Fulton was in New York when he began building the steamboat in 1806 on the east river. A year later on August 17, 1807 the Clermot made its first voyage on the Hudson river traveling 40 miles from New York to Albanene in a record eight hours. 

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