mr.v's cottage by christopher

First I had to design a blueprint of the cottage because I couldn't just start building a 3D version of the cottage I didn't even know what to place where and what to build.

I started with the eagle's eye view or the top view of the cottage how it would look like and where the rooms would be. The main entrance led to a hallway were you could place your things away to the left is a kitchen of 2.5m by 2m to the right a bathroom with the same size as the kitchen being big enough to have a bathtub a shower a toilet and a sink all in one. Going forward into the next room is a big and calm living room to the right the guest bedroom and to the left the master bedroom.

Next I did the front view of the cottage, the cottage has a 7m length and a 3m height with 2 windows the longest one is a 0.75 height by 2m length the second window is 0.75m by 0.75m and finally the door 2m height by 1.25 length

Finally I made a the side view (left side) blueprint, the side of the cottage is 3m height by 5m length there is also two windows on this one the longest one is 0.75 height by 2m length and the smallest is 0.75m height by 1m length.

Next the calculation's had to be done because the cost of the cottage had to be solved. I started by the paint counting the meter squares there were, after that I calculated the cost of the 2 cans it took to paint the cottage after that I did the shingles and then the heating the total cost was about 745 euro's.

Finally I made the 3d version of the cottage

Thank you for licening I hope you liked my presentation

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