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App Journal

Lesson 1

Some apps are popular because they make in some way your life easier or serve as a way of entertainment.

  • Facebook - Social media, it keeps you connected with the world.
  • Duolingo - It gives you the opportunity to learn any language and solves the problem of not having a way of practicing the language every day.
  • Skype - It allows people to easily communicate.
  • Spotify - Easy way of listening to music.
  • Uber - A way of transportation, its purpose is to provide people a way of transportation, which solves the problem of not having one.
Lesson 2

Idea Storm

  • An app that shows you if someone likes you, for teenagers.
  • An app that shows you how long will you live depending on your actions, for people that is looking for a better lifestyle.
  • An app that shows you how drunk you are, for young adults.
  • An app that saves automatically your ideas, for creative people and for specific kind of jobs like a writer or a film director.
  • An app that shows you the mood of someone, for everyone.
Lesson 3

Who's Your Audience?

  1. Badoo (Lifestyle) - This app shows you the people that are nearby and gives you the option to chat with them. It was designed to make people socialize more. Introverted people would download it or just people who wants to meet new people so indeed the app would meet their needs.
  2. Scanbot 6 (Utilities) - This app is a mobile scanner for documents and QR codes. It converts these into high-quiality PDF or JPG scans. Designed for everyone that works with documents and need a fast way to send an important document that is not digital.
  3. Quik (Photo & Video) - This is a video editor that lets you add transitions and effects, music, and it analyzes the footage to find great moments. This is designed for people that don't need to put a lot of effort in editing a video because they don't need to, instead this is a fast way to finish it and make it look great. Anyone that needs to edit a video in a fast way would download it.
  4. Enlight (Photo & Video) - This app is a photo editor, what differentiates it from others is that it is said that this one is the photo editor with most features. Designed for people who like to edit photos and need many functions in one place, besides being easy to use.
  5. AudioBook (Books) - This app includes thousands of classic audiobooks. Designed for people that instead of liking reading because they don't focus when they are doing so, they prefer listening to the story.
  6. Playkids Stories (Books) - This app is a library of books and stories for kids 8 and under. Women that have child. Women that have a child that have this age would download the app since most of them want their kids to interest in reading, or maybe kids with that age would already know how to use the app since the interface is easy to understand.
  7. Google (Reference) - This is a translator used for most of the languages. From students to people that already have a job or people that is in a country in which people talk in a different language, all of these would downlad the app.
  8. Trivago (Travel) - This is the largest online hotel search site that compares over one million hotels from more than 200 booking sites worldwide. This is designed for people that are not familiarized with choosing the best option for what they are looking for.
  9. Netflix (Entertainment) - This app shows a lot of TV shows and movies. Anyone that love looking series and movies would download it since it is easy to search for one.
  10. Amazon (Shopping) - This app serves for browse, search, get product details, read reviews on millions of products and a way to buy them. It was designed for people interested in buying an onlinr product online in an easy way
  11. Nearpod (Education) - This app is a platform that enables teachers, schools and districts, to use their iPads to manage content on students' iPads, iPhones, iPods or Macs. Was designed for schools where it is a requirement to use these electronic devices for study purposes.
Lesson 4


Now, some apps are easier to use than others. This is because there could be various uses for one like Facebook or it can have just one use like Uber. Another reason is that sometimes you need to have experience on something to use it well and know what are you actually doing, like a business app. Despite this, to decide which of those apps has a better user interface is not that easy since each one is created for different purposes. Now, taking in consideration the purpose of each app their UI can be ranked. This is my opinion:

  1. Spotify - Easy to use
  2. Uber - I consider this is the easiest app to use of this list since it only has the use of calling a car just by putting your location and where do you want to go.
  3. Duolingo - Easy to use
  4. Skype - Easy to use
  5. Facebook - It is also an easy app to use but I think some people don't know how to use every function that it offers.
The UI of an app should be easy to understand

Debugging exercise

Lesson 4
Lesson 5

Problem Hunters

  • An app that shows you if someone likes you, for teenagers. Its purpose is to answer the question that many teenagers ask, if "x" person likes you or not.
  • An app that shows you how long will you live depending on your actions, for people that is looking for a better lifestyle. Its purpose is to make people know what they need to change in their lives to improve their lifestyle. Clearly showing of their decisions are good or bad would solve its purpose.
  • An app that shows you how drunk you are, for young adults.
  • An app that saves automatically your ideas, for creative people and for specific kind of jobs like a writer or a film director. The problem it address is that people are always thinking, so an idea may arrive at any moment, the bad thing is that they do not always remember about all of the ideas, this app would solve that problem.
  • An app that shows you the mood of someone, for everyone. Sometimes people want to know the mood of someone that may not show his mood by only looking at his face.
Lesson 5
Lesson 6

Ideas Seeking Solutions

App name: MeetU

Problem: My app “MeetU” will make a person able to communicate with people that are nearby, talking, meeting and socializing.

It is an opportunity not only for extroverts, but for introverts to be able to socialize and make new friends, to experience something only extroverts are able to due to their socializing skills. It also includes curious people who are open to experience something new.

Meme exercise

Lesson 6
Lesson 7

Feature Smashing

Apple iOS devices, like iPhone and iPad, are equipped with a variety of important hardware features.

  • Accelerometer - This is useful when the app's purpose needs to know when the person is moving or not.
  • GPS - Most of the apps make use of this feature although their purpose is not directly involved with the GPS function.
  • Camera - This feature is not necessary if the app's purpose does not require taking pictures or if the person that is using it doesn't need to take them.
  • Touchscreen - This is useful in all type of apps since it's the way to use the phone.

Lesson 8

Idea storm... again

  • The use of the camera in our application could be used to make video calls so people may communicate not only with chat. Also to take photos to share with them, although this is a basic function used in a lot of apps.
  • The use of the touch screen feature would enable the users to select the person they want to talk to.
  • A feedback feature would be great to have to know what the people want to change from the app or just give their opinion.
  • With the feature above it would be incredible to have another feature that updates the app automatically when the creator of the app says so, without having to modify it manually.
Lesson 8
Lesson 9

Do Your Research

Three competitors of my app idea (MeetU):

  • Badoo
  • Twoo

Basically, the three applications mentioned above have very similar interfaces and their uses are also the same, although this can always be improved in some way making it easier to use by modifying their interface.

Lesson 9
Lesson 10

Designer Apps

Every app should have design principles. Three basic principles promoted by the HIG which involves having a good interface design on Mac and IOS could help us in our app development. These principles are:

  • Deference: The navigation and user interface should not detract from the content of your app itself, what the users need should be there but in a unobtrusive way.
  • Clarity: Text should be legible and the overall should be simple without unnecessary details.
  • Depth: Clearly show of the relationships between different elements on the screen.

Our app should have this three key principles, keeping it simple and understandable. Since our app just have one purpose it should be easy to follow this, we just have to keep in mind that it should not be hard to use.

Basic elements on an app interface
Lesson 10
Lesson 10
Lesson 10
Lesson 10
Lesson 11

First Impressions

AN APPEALING ICON - Waze, what makes it an appealing icon is that its colors complement each other and it represents somehow what is the purpose of using it, like having the best way for traveling to wherever you want.

GET RIGHT INTO THE ACTION - Geometry Dash, it just takes one tap to get into the level select and another tap to start playing a level. Its loading screen shows you like what will you do at the moment of playing.

INITIAL ONBOARDING/TUTORIAL - TouchRetouch, the first moment you use this app it gives you a fast introduction of what it does through short videos and if you don't understand how to use it, it has a tutorial button to quick learn how to use its functions.

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