Local Government Leaders and Issues By: Jasmine Litt

I live in the town of Pittsfield.
Map of Pittsfield
My local government meets at the Pittsfield Town Hall at 3041 Kunesh North Road.

The Board of Trustees for the town of Pittsfield have unanimously decided to spend up to $3,000 from our town's Park Fund to add to the donations to complete the open air pavilion at the Pittsfield Community Park.

I agree with the board's decision to use the money in the Park Fund. It is extremely nice to have a park so close by to walk and bike on the trails. Also, it is a good thing that the farm land wasn't sold to develop more houses, but to better our community. If I were on the board, I would follow through with the renovations, but I would also try to get the approval to add more attractions to the park. Picnic tables, garbages, fire pits, and grills would draw in more people and larger groups to use the facility. If we added a playground and some sort of sports court, that would bring in families with younger kids and teenagers to get the most use out of it as well.

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