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--- Who ---

Who do I want to work for?

I want to work for Intel, and help design video card drivers for newly developed computers.

--- What ---

What is the company I work for?

Intel is a computer company that develops video card drivers for computers, and also helps design new computers.

What is my job title?

My job title would be Technology Development Reliability Engineer.

What is my job description?

The position would perform stress test on circuits, and make sure that everything works within the circuit.

What is my salary?

I could make upwards of $100,000 once I have been with the company for long enough.

What are the requirements for this job?

I would need to be a college graduate to hold this position, and it also recommends a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

What background is recommended for this Job?

It is recommended that you have experience with computers, coding, and internal components of computers.

--- Where ---

Where am I working?

I will be working in Corvallis, Oregon at one of the development facilities.

Where will I learn the necessary skills?

I will learn the necessary skills I need through RCC, then transfer over to OregonTech in Klamath Falls.

--- When ---

When does the company hire?

They are always looking for skilled workers to come and join the company.

When do I gather the necessary skills?

Most of the information I need to learn can be acquired while attending college at OregonTech.

--- Why ---

Why does this career interest me?

I like this career, because I have always been fascinated by computers and technology.

--- How ---

How do you get a job in this industry?

You need to get a Degree in Computer Science, and should consider taking internships about the job.

--- About Intel ---

Mission Statement

“Delight our customers, employees, and shareholders by relentlessly delivering the platform and technology advancements that become essential to the way we work and live.”

Manufacturing of Computer chips
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