TRT40bigpants BIg pants Really

Obviously fashion nearing 40!!

Seriously I took this 3 days before my hospital visit

Why am I wearing pants this huge!!

Do you remember when you were at school and it was really really cool for the boys to come up behind you and

Yank ya pants between the crack of ya bum??

"WEDGIE" and it really really hurt

Embarrassing for one thing as you then had to fish out your pants from the crack of ya back side and you had to do it so fast as the pain was awesome!!

The whole of my 40th birthday Road year 2017

I have had to wear these HUGE pants, now I had previously said 2017 I was going to be fit, I'd done all the Tri training lost 2 stone, was mosterising, getting my hair done. Even wearing make up!!!

Right until the coccyx thing. So 2017 I have entered feeling like a 90 year old wasting muscles and pants so big I'd easily be Bridget jones stunt double, apart from the only problem the best stunt I can achieve at the min in balancing on my very "special" raised toilet seat!!!

So 2017 I've hit you hard in the underwear department! Emily from & She Knows Bawtry, look away now lol

Stealing the show with these stunning high wasted knickers well if eyebrows like the cast from seasmae street can make the fashion these days surly I can bring these baby's in!!!

So So comfy I can't imagine having to give them up!?!?!

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Louise prestwich

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