Nikolo Day Austria

Nikolo day, also St. Nicholas day is a holiday celebrated on December 6th in Austria, Germany and other countries but in different ways and on different days.
Customs in Austria are different from other countries who celebrate this holiday. Instead of getting wrapped presents like kids in America, they get gifts in their shoes and if they have been naughty then they get a lump of coal in their shoes, or/and the bishop walks around town and gives out presents to the kids. While walking with a devil like creature known as Krampus. The Krampus punishes kids and adults if they have been naughty.
In the Untied States most people go out to a store and buy their ornaments. Not in Austria, most of the people like to make their own decorations and even their own wreaths with four candles at the bottom, this is known as an Advent. They have Christmas trees and lights for decorations as well like we do here in America.
During this religious holiday most people go to church in the mornings before anything, after they go and have a mini feast and open presents. This holiday is a major holiday to the people because they spent time with their families and friends.
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