The Twelve Juggling Surfaces

*The key to juggling is breathing* SA how can you encorperate breathing with your juggling

Top of Both Feet

Inside of Both Feet

Outside of Both Feet

Both Thighs


Both Shoulders



Top of the foot

  • Foot is dorsiflex
  • Reach for the farthest part of the ball
  • Focus on getting back spin on the ball (so then it comes back to you)
  • Snap your knee don't reach
  • Ball and foot hitting the ball should stay below the knee height.
Notice he is snapping his knee not reaching out to get the ball. Foot is dorsiflex focusing on getting back spin on the ball. Foot and ball shouldn't go above knee height.

Coaching points

  • "poke poke poke the ball"

Inside of the foot

  • Drive knee up first then "pop"
  • Keep foot locked and dorsiflexed
  • This helps with hip flexibility
The knee drives up first to hip height. Then the knee flicks up and contacts the ball with a flexed foot. The ball should pop right back up with no spin.

Coaching Points

  • "Keep your foot flat like a table on contact with the ball"
  • "Flick the leg out after driving the knee up"

Outside of the foot

  • Drive knee up (just like inside of the foot)
  • Knee should stay inline with hips but just flick out
  • Want to contact the ball in line with the butt cheek
  • Don't reach out to get the ball
Notice that her knee comes up first and then she pops her low leg, rotating her hips. Her foot becomes dorsiflex and remains flat through contact with the ball.

Coaching Points

  • "Keep your foot flat like a table"
  • "Drive up and pop out"

Both Thighs

  • Drive legs up, alternating each leg
  • Keep thighs flat, parallel to the ground
  • Hit the ball in the center of the thigh (make sure they aren't using their knees)

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