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In this slideshow it shows off the different parts that has to do with the History of Spain. There was a lot violence that caused many deaths during this time.

The first two main events that happened was the Celtas invadido France and then the Iberos invaded Africa. But the Celtiberos never believed lucha and thought that it wasn't very important.


Iberian Peninsula name comes from these people. Galicia also still has influence of the Celtic cultura. Some ejemplos are the bagpipes and the idioma .

The Big message was the ROMANOS ARE COMING!!! THE ROMANS ARE COMING!!!!!!

What was left of the Romans was Segovia and Merida


The next big evento was the fall of the Roman Empire.


Largest ciudad in Western Europe in 10th Century. This place is one of the world's wealthiest and most cultured pais . This place was under the rule of Abderraman III (929-961 AD).

Then the most continual fight between Christian Reinos in norte of peninsula and Muslims, who controlled the sur was the La Reconquista. Santiago was called "Matamoros" and he was the patron Smo of Spain.

Toledo CIty of Tolerance

The City of Toledo included Jews, muslims, and Christians. This city had an influence on Synagogues, Iglesias , and Arab estilo architecture.

El Cid was the heroe La Reconquista.

In 1492 there was many main events that happened. The First thing that happened was the Moors had divided into many small kingdoms. The next thing that happened was the Moorish Rey was defeated in Enero of 1492. As he looked back at the kingdom of Alhambra he began to cry.

Fernando of Aragon and Isabel of Castilla got married in 1469. They first united Christian kingdoms against the Moors. the next solidified their poder through religion: and militar success. The had a big part in ending the Reconquista because they defeated the Moors in Granada in 1492.

The Reconquista terminado and because of that all Muslims remaining in Espana were forced to leave or convert to Christianity and this happened in 1492. Now in 1503 Jews needed to leave Spain or convert to Christianity. But if you think about it, how do you know that they converted? They decided that they would confess or be tortured.

The next thing that became popular was oro diggers.

Carlos I 1516-1556

Son of Juana la Loa and Felipe el Hermoso. Under his rule, the Spanish Empire rapidly. Also crecio gold and plata, flooded into Spain from Americas, along with new crops: corn, , papas and frutas .

Carlos V (I)

He was a road warrior. Carlos V (I) usado the different funds from the colonies to pay for the main religious wars he was planning on fighting in. When Spain was under the control of him, they defended Catholicism. At the end he passed on his legacy to his son Felipe.

Felipe II

He took his father's legacy and continuado war against Protestants. He then casado Mary Tudor of England. He annexed Portugal, and then declared independence from Spain and empieza war involving England. Then Spain's Invincible Armada by derrotado England.

EL Escorial

  1. Palace of Felipe II
  2. Contiene Monaster, Basilica, Library, and Royal Residence
  3. Felipe II spent most of his time here and died here in his bed overlooking the altar of the Basilica in 1598.


The War of the Spanish Succession deshuesado royal families and their nations against each other to see who rule Spain. The the ear ends in 2723, with Spanish perdiendo against Gibraltar to the English. Felipe V, the Bourbon grandson of Louis XIV, becomes King of Spain. The Bourbon family permanece the royal family of Spain today.

The Bourbons were concerned with life at court. Efforts to convertir Spain into a modern state, based on Neoclassical ideas of the Enlightenment.

The second war that happened was the rebellion of May 2, 1808. Madrid begins War of Spanish Independence. Joseph Bonaparte was remoto from the throne of Spain in 1812. During this time America ganado independence.

The First SPanish republic is Proclaimed in 1873 and ends in 1874.

Alfonso XII was unable to put a detener to the political tension and low morals of the country. Alfonso XII also permitido a military general to establish a dictatorship from 1923-1931. Dictatorship was unable to solve the problems of the country.

The Second Republic of Spain is established in 1931. They set up a new, progressive constitution, which allows divorce,coordinados the Church from the State, and crea public schools.

Civil war

General Francisco franco empezado a military revolt in 1963, beginning the Civil war. The troops are aided toby forces from Germany and Italy. War ends in 1939.


In 1978, Suarez is elegido in the first elections held in Spain since 1936. Gonzalez lleva Spain out of isolationism, joining NATO and EU.

At the end Spain retains its royal family and all government decisions are handled by Parliament and the President of the Government.


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