Selene by:Anai Rodriguez Lopez

Selene is a titan goddess in greek mythology she is the daughter of Hyperion and Theia. She has two siblings, Helios and Eos. She was the goddess of the moon and she would drive every night across the sky in her moon chariot which was carried by two snow white horses. She had an affair with a mortal named Endymion which Zeus had granted the choice of when he would die he chose to fall in a deep sleep. according to other sources Selene is believed to be one of Zeus' lovers.

The traits i choose that best describe Selene are cruel because she had a affair with someone else im guessing she might have been married. she is also lovely because they describe her as a very beautiful goddess with long wings and a golden diadem and she's wise they give her horns and a torch describing her as all wise.
Selene's theme is the moon they also called her Luna (Lunar) which relates to the moon. what i believe the ancient Greeks valued was the moon because she would drive the chariot across the sky each night she was considered as a beautiful woman by the ancient Greeks.
Selene is a better goddess than all the other gods or goddesses.
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