Naomi Sims March 30, 1948 - August 1, 2009

"Maybe I won’t see it in my lifetime, but there will come a day when it will be quite common to see a black face on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue."

Obstacles Faced

1) She grew up never knowing who her father was.

2) After her mother being ill Naomi was placed in a foster family.

3) She was teased for being tall

4) She was rejected by many model angencies because she is black.

5) people wouldn't talk to her because her skin was too dark.

Significant Contributions

1) She became the one first black models

2) She became a model as a teenager

3) She became the first black lady to be on a cover of a magizine

4) Her pictures where placed in a museum

5) She was places in many magizines

Personal Qualities

1) She was creative

2) ambitious

3) Tall

4) Skinny

5) Pretty

6) Smart

7) Outstanding


1) March 30, 1948

2) became one of the first black woman on a magizine (New York Times) - 1968

3) On the cover of a Life Magazine - October 17, 1969

4) Almost became an actress - 1972

5) Stopped modeling - 1973

6) Married Michael Findlay - 1973

7) Got called the first black designer - 1974

8) She and Michael divorced - 1991

9) She won a lifetime achievement- 2003

10) She died - August 1, 2009

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