Programming My Vex IQ

Challenge #1- Moving Foward

The first challenge for us to do is to be able to move foward, sense when the is a black line, and raise its claw. After repeating that 3 times, the robot must move back to the starting line.

Challenge #2- Turning

The goal of this challenge is to navigate through the black lines from start to end, driving next to at least one black line.

Challenge #3- Touch Sensor

The goal of this challenge is to start with the robot arm up, then move it down until it hits the bumper switch. Then open the claw, drive forwards, close the claw (with the water bottle in it) then move backwards.

Challenge #4- Distance Sensor

The goal of this challenge was to navigate the maze using the distance sensor to not hit the walls.

Challenge #5- Gyrosensor

The object of this challenge was to "mow" all the land in the square, which means to drive across all the spots of the square. We also had o use the gyro sensor to turn the correct angles. There was also a muddy corner that the robot would get stuck in so I had to pick it up and place it down to get it "unstuck."

Challenge #6

Challenge #6 was the stoplight challenge. The robot must go forward and stop when it senses red blocks, then go when they are replaced with green blocks.

Challenge #7

The goal of this challenge was to retrieve blocks away from "base camp" and bring them back to the "base camp" and drop them off in a certain area using the color sensor.

Challenge #8

This challenge was to be able to identify different colored blocks and sort them in diffrent catergorys depending on their color.

Challenge #9

Similar to the second challenge, our robot has to navigate the same track, but this time stop when there is obstacles in the way, and go when they are removed.

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