The Importance of Political Fundraising Political fundraising is one of the most stressful yet important part of a politicians career.

  1. Endeavor: Working really hard in order to accomplish a certain task.
  2. Jurisdictions: The Legal right to do something
  3. Keenly: Extremely interested in an idea, object, or a place.
  4. Epitome: a typical example
  5. Algorithm: A specific rule that determines how to solve a problem.
  6. Arduous: To put in a lot of effort to complete a task

Why Do Most Politicians Not Like Fundraising?

Many politicians have goals to find a way to help their country with brilliant ideas, but in order to do that they have to fundraise to promote their campaign; however, many politicians don’t like to fundraise because it is thought to be a dirty disgraceful act, and it can be unglamorous. Joe Garecht, a professional fundraiser states, “I can’t tell you how many candidates I’ve talked to over the past decade that have told me, ‘I want to focus on the issues, and we’ll hire staff and consultants to raise our money.’” Candidates have their own opinion on fundraising, but regardless of what they think they still have to experience it whether they liked it or not. While others think that fundraising is enjoyable and classy, it is actually more unpleasant and unenjoyable. Joshua Green, an American journalist on politics states, “The reality is far more prosaic, even grubby: Because elected officials cannot use public offices for campaign activity, they cram into off-site cubicles like boiler-room stock touts and spend hours each day dialing for dollars.” With these stressors, it is no surprise politicians aren’t keenly happy with fundraising.

What are different ways candidates can fundraise their campaign?

Candidates have many different ways to fundraise their campaign. Every candidate has a different way of fundraising, for example, Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a finance team, but instead raises money from small rallies. Others use other sources. According to Danielle Kurtzleben, a political reporter states, “Campaign committees and superPACs are the main ways candidates are raising money this year - they are by far the most popular types of committees, and most candidates have both (and some have multiple superPACs).” PACs and super PACs is a type of organization that pools campaign contributions from members and donates them to or against a candidate. This includes running ads and reports going either against a candidate, or to promote a campaign. Another way candidates can fundraise is by simply asking others. Although many candidates try to have people donate on a website, it is more effective to have the candidate himself or herself to ask. According to Joe Garecht, a professional political fundraiser says, “95% or more of the people who give to your campaign will do so because the candidate, the staff, or one of your Finance Committee members asks them to donate, or because they receive a direct mail or e-mail solicitation.” Fundraising is an arduous task many politicians put in to promote their campaign. In the end, all the work will be worth it.

What specific rules does candidates have to follow for fundraising?

Every candidate has to follow rules in order to fundraise for their campaign. Rules were set so that competition could be more fair, especially the amount of money contributed by either a committee, or person. According to the Federal Election Commision, an act called the Federal Election Campaign Act has a table that shows the limit on contributions from individuals and groups, to PACs, towards a campaign. This table is informational about the amount of money contributors can contribute towards a candidate, which specifies the rules for donation. Also, an Act was created because of a watergate incident. The California Fair Political Practices Commission website, the campaign rules state, “The Political Reform Act requires candidates and committees to file campaign statements by specified deadlines disclosing contributions received and expenditures made.” This Act is able to keep track of where the money comes from, and how long ago that a donation was made. Algorithms such as this, make fundraising more fair so that there won’t be any miscommunications with donating, and their policies.

What is a PAC, Super PAC, and why is it used the most?

In many politicians, many candidates use PACs and SuperPACs, which is a committee that contributes to the campaign. Candidates use this because it gives the most money towards their campaign. On the Federal Election Commission website, a PAC is also known as a Political Action Committee, which is two types of political committees connected with the Federal Election Commission called separated segregated funds, and non connected committees. Separated segregated funds are from organizations such as labor unions, or corporations, while non connected committees are from the public that donates. Another reason why candidates use PACs is because it gives off more money, according to Opensecrets, a website for responsive politics, it states, “Political action committees, or PACs, account for roughly one-third of the campaign cash collected by candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, and about 16% of the money raised by Senate candidates.” Candidates want to win the election, and to do that, they have to promote their campaign. If they are able to raise money, PACs is the epitome for the usage of political fundraising.

Why is fundraising important for campaigns?

Fundraising is the reason why many people all around the world know certain candidates, it’s because they are sponsored. They are well known because of fundraising. According to Lynn Vavreck, a full professor of political science and communication studies at UCLA states, “And that asking requires a campaign organization focused on finding, communicating with and cultivating supporters — whether those supporters are financial bundlers, other politicians or rank-and-file voters.” If candidates are asking for donations from different groups of people and organizations, then they are able to focus on who are supporters of their campaign; therefore fundraising is important. Another reason why fundraising is important, is because they use the money for promotional benefits, this gives a conclusion that money is important. In Jeffrey Billman’s article “Why Is Money Important in Elections?” he quoted from John Sides, a political scientist, states, “The major debate is not over whether money matters, it’s over the relative impact of incumbent and challenger spending.” While fundraising is a stress, it becomes a huge benefit to candidates for their campaign.

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