Arnold Newman Ian Koval

Arnold Abner Newman

Arnold Newman was born in New York City in 1918, and died at 88 years old in 2006

"We don't take photographs with our cameras, we take them with our hearts and our minds. They are a reflection of ourselves, what we are, and what we think." - Arnold Newman
Photography of Arnold Newman in his personal photography style: black and white environmental portraiture

Newman liked to use aspects about people's lives as props in a portrait to give a perspective on their character in his photographs

He'd started off at Harper's Bizarre as his first well-known image contract. His career, however took off at Fortune, Life, and Newsweek, working with them as a freelance photographer.

He used a lot of lighting in his photography that created striking contrast; he preferred natural lighting, but would also use artificial light in order to photograph his subject in their most personal perspective.

Newman more often then not used a 35 mm SOR camera

I admire how Newman took everyday objects or scenery and transformed them into abstract details to be used to support the focus of his picture - the person. I chose him because I had a few others I was looking at, but his caught my eye the most because of the sharp contrast and powerful composition.

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