Stop the War on Children Flagship Report Launch: One-Stop-Shop Content Toolkit


This toolkit is your one-stop-shop for all information, documents, content and assets for our first global moment for Stop the War on Children campaign -- the launch of our Flagship report. Please take some time to read through this page and access the various links to familiarise yourself with the content for this global moment.

You are welcome to take content and adapt it for your market but please ensure that you stick to the Stop the War on Children global key messages and core narrative script for 2019. If you have created any local content and wish to add it to this pack for others to use, please email tanu.anand@savethechildren.org

What is on this page?

  • OneNet Link to Key Messages and Core Narrative document
  • Some extracted messaging from Report included below
  • Links to Full Report PDF – English | Spanish | Design Files
  • Links to Report executive summary PDFs -- English, Spanish, French, Arabic
  • OneNet links to Press Release -- English, French, Arabic, Spanish
  • OneNet links to Media Q&As and Spokesperson list
  • Infographics -- English and Design Files
  • Designed report cover illustration -- JPG | Social Media banner | Design Files
  • Video explaining the findings of the report - English and Clean versions
  • Stop the War on Children generic film (60 secs and 2 mins versions) - English subtitles and Clean versions
  • Case studies, photos, b-rolls for media purposes from Yemen, Iraq, Uganda
  • 1st GCCU content pack on Children in Conflict

ALL final documents are available at Stop the War on Children OneNet page.

ALL multimedia content is available at February Global Moment Content Hub

Please avoid using any third party sites or applications. If you need assistance in uploading to OneNet or Content Hub contact Philip Datson (philip.datson@savethechildren.org). If you have Content Hub admin access issues, contact Phil Ellerton (P.Ellerton@savethechildren.org.uk)

The illustration used for the cover of the report, designed by Save the Children Norway


On 15 February 2019, we are launching our flagship report – Stop the War on Children (SWOC) – coinciding with our presence at the Munich Security Conference (MSC). This will be our first global moment for our Stop the War on Children campaign, launching in our 100th year. This will be an advocacy and media moment, where our primary aim is to ask political leaders and decision makers to provide children living in conflict with safety, justice and rehabilitation.

HASHTAG: #StoptheWaronChildren

Start using the GLOBAL URL and Hashtag only from 15 February 00:01 CET


The below link will take you to the signed off key messages and core narrative document for the campaign for 2019. Which means, you should be using these for any activities and events on SWOC for this year.

Use these messages to write your social media posts!


Use the below messages to write your social media posts and tweets to accompany the content!

Right now, across the world, millions of children are caught up in conflicts they played no part in creating.

  • New research by the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), commissioned by Save the Children, found that 420 million children -- nearly one-fifth worldwide -- were living in a conflict zone in 2017. This is up 30 million from 2016.
  • New analysis from Save the Children shows that the numbers of ‘grave violations’ of children’s rights in conflict reported and verified by the United Nations have almost tripled since 2010.
  • Afghanistan, Yemen, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Syria, Iraq, Mali, Nigeria and Somalia are the countries where children were hardest hit by conflict in 2017.
  • Every day children face the threat of being killed or maimed, recruited by armed groups, abducted, falling victim to sexual violence, seeing their school attacked or humanitarian aid denied. In many cases, children are specifically targeted.
  • Children suffer on a huge scale from the indirect consequences of conflict. These include displacement; the breakdown of markets and essential public services, such as healthcare, water and sanitation; and pervasive insecurity. While indirect effects and direct violations are both part of the same continuum of harm inflicted on children by modern conflict, these indirect consequences of conflict affect and kill many more children. More still miss out on school and the chance of a better future.
  • The war on children will only stop when all of us – from citizens and community leaders to military commanders and heads of state – respect the idea that children should always be off-limits in war.
  • In this report we've established the basis for an international plan of action to protect children in conflict. Leaders and governments have a particularly powerful role to play. We call on them to: Uphold standards of conduct in conflict | Hold perpetrators of violations to account | Take practical action to protect children and support their recovery.

For the children living in the world’s conflict zones, action cannot come soon enough.


Contact Rik Goverde from the Global Media Unit if you have any media-related questions.

Push the global URL -- https://stopwaronchildren.org/ -- to your media contacts!

New case studies, photos and b-rolls from Iraq, Yemen and Uganda

Report & Executive Summaries

Use this cover letter template when sharing the report with your advocacy contacts.


The global URL will go live on 15 February 00:01 CET.

This site will host the report, download options, case studies, key statistics, our primary video and a way for supporters to "sign up" to the campaign. This will be geotagged to members who have their own petitions, pledges or donation links. For those coming from non-member markets, they will be able to sign up using a generic pledge hosted on the Global URL.


PLEASE NOTE: you must have a Content Hub account and be logged on to access any of the below. If you don't have an account, register using this link.

If you have any issues in accessing Content Hub, contact Phil Ellerton (P.Ellerton@savethechildren.org.uk). Any questions or issues in accessing the content, contact Phil Datson (phil.datson@savethechildren.org)

FILM: A social media-friendly Stop the War on Children film that summarises why we are campaigning to protect children in conflict.

On this Content Hub link, you will find the following versions of this film with English subtitles -- 2 minutes version | 60 seconds regular | 60 seconds square for Instagram | all of the above versions without English subtitles as well as no end titles

ILLUSTRATION -- perfect for your first social media post on 15 February!!

Access the Banner version and the Instagram-friendly version.

VIDEO highlighting some of the key findings of the report.

Access the 60 seconds version, the 90 seconds version and the CLEAN version. Please find the FRENCH (60 secs) and FRENCH (90 secs). Access the Adobe Premiere project file and graphics template to localise the video.

INFOGRAPHICS to help you communicate the key statistics from the report and our asks for world leaders and governments.

You will find two types of infographics -- what is the problem and what is the solution. Access this link to find separate social media-friendly "share cards" using the content from the two infographics -- perfect for specific statistics or ask related tweets!

Design files for the 2 full infographics (problem and solution) | FRENCH versions of all the infographics | Design files for individual social media share cards for the “problem” | Design files for individual social media share cards for the “solutions” |

The separate social media-friendly panels of the two infographics

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