Mohandas Gandhi By: rachel knittel

My name is Mohandas Gandhi, I am from India. I was born October 2, 1869. We are living during the time that the British Government is in control of India. I have traveled to Britain and Africa. I went to college in Britain, and went to Africa to protest the British Government in Africa and India.

I have always been for non-violence. I am encouraging you to use civil disobedience to protest the involvement of the British government in India and Africa.

From March 20, 1930 to April 6, 1930, there will be a salt march to protest the making of salt by the British. We will protest this so we can make our own salt.

The goal of the Salt March is so we can start making salt and and selling it. We don't want to buy any more expensive and taxed salt from the British.

We want to get rid of British rule in India. We want to be able to rule our own government, we want to be able to choose our own crops to grow and sell, such as salt.


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